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To celebrate the launch of our brand new Home Cleaning category, we caught up with Angelika, the founder of Tincture to get the lowdown on what inspired the brand and find out why natural cleaning is the way forward.

1. Tell us a little about Tincture the brand?

TINCTURE was started out of pure passion. My eldest son, Freddie, was suffering from severe asthma and allergies and my eldest daughter Cosima had started to develop dermatological problems. As a result, I became increasingly concerned about the toxins and pollutants they were both exposed to inside our home.

As I started finding out more about the issue of toxins in the home, I came across a shocking body of research which revealed that air in a typical home, school or workplace is, on average, up to 5x more polluted than the air directly outside! As I continued reading, I began to realise just how enormous the impact household chemicals were potentially having on my family's health.

I kept on researching and testing different products and soon discovered that many so-called “ECO” cleaners still contain substances which are not only harmful to our environment, especially our waterways and oceans, but moreover to our health and wellbeing. This is when I decided to create a range myself, inspired by ancient monastic wisdom, botany and the power of plants.

2. Tell us about your promise?

At TINCTURE care has gone into every product we make, right down to the raw material level where all our ingredients are sourced from sustainable, natural sources. We have made sure that we exclude many common ingredients such as: SLS, petrochemicals, parabens, glycol ethers, phenoxyethanol, preservatives (CMIT, MIT, BIT), synthetic fragrances, dyes and colourants that are known to have adverse effects on our health and wellbeing and aggravate common conditions such as eczema and asthma. Also all our products are clinically tested.

3. What is your favourite Tincture product and why?

I absolutely love the All Purpose cleaner as it’s so versatile. I use it for my daily cleaning everywhere in the house from kitchen to bedroom surfaces to cleaning my laptop screen to wiping down my seats in the family car. I have even used the All Purpose to clean away a fresh food stain I discovered on my white shirt just before entering into a meeting; it miraculously disappeared! So for me, our All Purpose is my “miracle spray” for everyday use!

4.What are your top three tips for keeping your home clean & healthy?

1. Ventilation

This is an absolute must! I regularly open all the windows to let in fresh air (even in the city!) for cross ventilation as the air indoors is on average 2- 5x times more polluted than directly outside, due to all the VOCs released into the air through our daily actions such as cooking and cleaning.

2. Bring NATURE into your home

Choosing a couple of beautiful indoor plants not only adds to the aesthetics of our homes, but more importantly some plants have been scientifically proven to help reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by as much as 100%! Bringing these houseplants into our living spaces helps oxygenate our homes and improves the indoor air that we breathe.

3. Minimise Disinfectant Use

Whilst the use of strong disinfectants, such as bleach, in certain circumstances can be life-saving, I do not believe that we should be using them in our homes to try and create sterile environments. Instead, we should be embracing the powerful substances that nature has to offer us and recognise that good bacteria are part of a balanced environment. I believe nothing is more powerful and resourceful than nature itself!

5. What's next for Tincture?

We are working on our 10x concentrated dilutable refill option which allows us to further decrease our carbon footprint impact in our manufacturing and distribution chain. We have set ourselves many goals in line with our circular economy and zero waste ambitions and this would mark one of them. We hope to launch this offering to our customers later in the year.

6. What was the last Naturisimo product you bought?

Tabitha James Kraan: Hair Cleanser and 4 in 1 conditioner. I love her products!!

Angelika definitely makes a compelling argument. Is it time to green your routine? Overhaul your cleaning cupboards now - you can find Tincture in our brand new Home Cleaning category.

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