The Science of Cutting Edge Anti-ageing Ingredients

The Science of Cutting Edge Anti-ageing Ingredients
We caught up with Caudalie's team of experts to gain an insight into their new revolutionary Premier Cru formula which works to reveal a more youthful and radiant complexion.

How to make your anti-ageing routine more effective

For the past nine years, Caudalie’s Premier Cru collection has featured the very best that vines have to offer. It unites all the Caudalie patents, combined with the most effective anti-ageing ingredients, used to their optimum concentration. After five years of research with Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard Medical School, Caudalie has enhanced its range with Premier Cru - The Serum and is unveiling a new, exclusive anti-ageing patent.

Why your skin ages

As time goes by, our cells produce less and less energy. The synthesis of the skin’s components, such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, decreases as metabolism slows down. As a result, the skin lacks the energy to maintain its regeneration functions at an optimum level. The solution is to act on the mitochondria, the cellular factories that produce ATP, which is an essential component in maintaining good skin function.

How to make your products work better

For the past five years, Caudalie has worked in partnership with Harvard Medical School and Genetics Professor Dr. David Sinclair, nicknamed the “Guru of Longevity” by Time Magazine US. Together Caudalie and Harvard University have created Vinergy, an innovative new complex which works to counteract the diminishing energy metabolism of our cells over time which is a key reason our skin ages. By boosting the skin’s energy metabolism, the Vinergy complex encourages ATP production which in turn increases the skin’s natural production of elastin and collagen. The results? Your skin becomes more effective at combating signs of ageing! In fact, this innovative complex
  • increases mitochondrial mass (quantity and size)
  • increases ATP production (which boosts production of elastin and collagen)
  • enables the skin to effectively combat signs of ageing
  • increases the effectiveness of anti-ageing creams (x7 times more effective with Premier Cru The Cream)
In conjunction with the new Vinergy complex, Premier Cru – The Serum contains the three ingredients patented by Caudalie, grape-seed Polyphenols with antioxidant properties, Vine Resveratrol to plump and firm the epidermis and Viniferine to even the skin tone. It’s 95% natural composition means that it’s ideal for even sensitive skin types and its refreshing water-like texture and subtle scent of rose petals infused in an oak barrel, make it a luxurious experience for your skin and senses. The epitome of total anti-ageing, Premier Cru is designed for those wanting to fight all signs of ageing: smoothing wrinkles, firming, evening skin tone and finally restoring radiance. In addition to Premier Cru – The Serum , the entire collection has been reformulated to become more natural, whilst offering the very best in complete anti-ageing action.

The Eye Cream

Formulated to combat wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, the eye contour is also immediately illuminated thanks to the presence of light-reflecting pearlisers.

The Cream

Designed for all skin types, The Cream acts on wrinkles, dark spots and loss of firmness while re-hydrating the skin. When combined with Premier Cru – The Serum, The Cream becomes 7 x more effective against wrinkles.

The Rich Cream

Designed for dry skin, this new creamy and velvety formula provides immediate comfort and softness to skin.

The Precious Oil

Previously known as The Elixir, this is a multipurpose dry oil. Use it on its own, in-between your serum and cream, for added nourishment, or mixed with your foundation for instant glow.

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