The Nue Co x Naturismo Q&A

The Nue Co x Naturismo Q&A

This month, we’re looking to the future, and there is probably no better brand to do this with than The Nue Co. Our Brand of the Month for June, The Nue Co embodies a truly futuristic vision for both beauty and wellness. Their science-meets-nature range provides effective, targeted solutions for a range of concerns both inside and out (and their packaging is both eco-friendly and stylish).

We caught up with the founder, Jules, who shared the inside scoop on the range, as well as some fascinating insights as to what health, beauty and wellness will look like in a post-pandemic world.

What makes The Nue Co different from your average wellness brand?

Our philosophy and our products are what set us apart. The Nue Co. was born from my own experience with my health and lack of solutions to help support the symptoms of IBS I was experiencing in my early twenties. Inspired by my grandfather, who was a chemist and lecturer at Cambridge University, I then set out to create a line of supplements merging innovative science and nature to deliver proven results.

Our mission is to advocate for health as a holistic concept and encourage our customers to listen to their body and recognise what it needs, leading with a preventive approach rather than addressing symptoms when they arise.

Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, your range targets specific health/skin concerns. Was this an important approach for you as a brand?

Yes, absolutely. Since the launch of the brand, we have been very focused on the types of products we want to create, ensuring that they deliver results that make a difference in how people feel. We also only ever launch products if we cannot find anything better in the market, and if it’s something that is persistently requested by our loyal customer base.

How do you select the ingredients in your formulas? How important are natural ingredients?

Working with natural ingredients has always been integral to our formulas. We draw a lot of inspiration from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, with a focus on ingredients that our bodies will recognise as food sources and will be able to absorb in the best possible way.

We are committed to using only ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world, and wherever possible ensuring they are organic to support the health of the soil and those who cultivate the crop. For example, the Ashwagandha extract in our ingestible supplement MOOD, KSM-66, is sourced using Good Agricultural And Collection Practices (GACP) in Rajasthan, India. Working in this way ensures that customers receive a better quality product, and ensures that the farmers and workers at every stage are supported and treated fairly.

The Nue Co ingredients

Is a balance between science and nature important to you as a brand? Do you see this being an integral balance for the future of beauty and wellness?

By combining the best of science and nature, we feel we are able to deliver the most effective results. We are very fortunate to work with a network of partners that are really driving innovation and in this way, we are able to access new technology to deliver an ingredient’s benefits in a way that may be more efficient than when in its purest form.

For example, with our recently launched BARRIER CULTURE CLEANSER and BARRIER CULTURE MOISTURISER, we were able to work with a leading laboratory to deliver the most advanced probiotic technology on the market within the formula. All our ingredients are held to a high standard to ensure that we are not introducing anything that may be harmful or not serve a function within our formula, regardless of its origin.

Barrier Culture Cleanser

120ml, £32

Barrier Culture Moisturiser

50ml, £45

How has the demand for wellness changed over the past year?

There has definitely been a shift in the prioritisation of wellness with more focus on self-care particularly when it comes to managing our mental health and stress. One of the most frequent complaints from customers at the start of the pandemic was around sleep with sales of our SLEEP DROPS and MAGNESIUM EASE increasing. We also saw a very high demand for our anti-stress fragrances. We launched FOREST LUNGS, a fragrance which delivers the calming benefits of nature, in late 2020 and it sold out twice on pre-order in the UK. As the world starts to open up, and people start to go back to a more normal way of life, I think our greatest challenge will be how do we continue to prioritise managing stress as part of our everyday lives.

Sleep Drops

30ml, £20

Magnesium Ease

60ml, £20

Forest Lungs Fragrance

50ml, £82

Which product in the range have you seen the biggest demand for?

I’m proud to say that one of our original products has become one of our bestsellers - DEBLOAT+ - because it’s helped so many who face the same problems I did.

Debloat +

60caps, £40

Our VITAMIN D became one of our best-selling products last year, with the demand reaching 500% above our original forecasts. The conversation around Covid-19 and Vitamin D was an important one, and whilst we are still a long way from determining a defined connection between the two, I think it was important for us to begin to understand how crucial Vitamin D is in the function of our bodies. From helping calcium absorb, to supporting the nervous system, brain, and immune function, Vitamin D makes everything you’re already doing work harder. It is estimated that one billion people globally have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood. Most of us don’t get enough of it, and we all need it for essential functions.

Vitamin D

15ml, £15

Would you agree that beauty and wellness have become more intertwined than ever as people look for solutions ‘from within’?

There is no denying the connection between our inner and outer beauty. Our body is an ecosystem with so many aspects of our health intertwined, particularly when it comes to gut health.

Research shows that 80% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut which has an impact on your mood and mental health. Similarly the skin is often referred to as ‘the mirror’ of our gut. What you are seeing, anything from breakouts to hyper-sensitivity, may be a reflection of what is going on with your gut microbiome. Beyond a probiotic, ingestible supplements support our health by delivering nutrients into the body through its natural processes. This means our bodies can function at their best, with visible results from our largest organ - the skin.

What do you think the future of beauty looks like?

I think we are going to be seeing more emphasis on how we can live well longer. There is so much research and innovation happening in terms of how we can improve and preserve our health to live full and enriching lives well into our later years. We are seeing a movement particularly when it comes to beauty around pro-ageing. Growing old is a privilege and we want to ensure we are encouraging our customers to celebrate their health and mobility above all else.

What is next for The Nue Co?

2021 is a big year for us in terms of new products. We recently launched our BARRIER CULTURE collection, with more products scheduled to launch over the summer and towards the end of year. We are beginning to explore new categories as well as continuing to innovate within the product areas that we currently have on offer - I’m so excited for what is to come!

Jules Miller - Founder, CEO
I struggled with IBS for the best part of five years. In that time, I was in and out of the doctor's office, soon realising that there’s no prescription solution for for IBS. I turned to supplements as a plan B, and having been left to my own devices, I was soon taking over 10 supplements daily. From gels, to charcoal to peppermint tablets - you name it, I was taking it. Progressively, my condition got worse. It was at that stage, that my grandfather, a chemist and scientist, sat me down and educated me on the ingredient labels of those products I was so quick to adopt. I learnt that over 50% of the ingredients in those products were made up of fillers, preservatives, chemicals and sweeteners. Not only that, but even the active ingredients I was consuming were linked to a whole host of different health conditions, from liver damage to stomach ulcers. I couldn’t believe it.


We set out to create something new. The Nue Co. is a brand focus on driving real change, using the the power of nature, calling upon inspiration from alternative medicine such as Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese Medicine, but validating these principles with true science and testing. Our aim is to develop real solutions to health concerns, using only ingredients and materials that do not harm people or the planet. Six years on, I’m IBS free. No more bloating, constipation, inflammation. I healed my body through education, through connecting with my body and seeing the value in both modern and alternative medicine. I healed my body through my knowledge of food, and the power of supplements as an addition. I healed my body through my understanding of mental health, and the fact that stress is one of the biggest threats to our health, and connected to everything from sleep to immunity to skin to gut health. Our mission at The Nue Co. goes beyond making quality supplements. Through our work we hope to educate and empower people to take control over their own health. ‘Wellness’ has a different meaning to every culture and every individual. It encompasses physical, mental health, inner and outer beauty. We are not here to dictate rules for people to follow, but we hope that through our message people are empowered to take their own measures to feel good, and do good as a result.

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