The Joy of Movement

The Joy of Movement by Amy-Jo Glover
By Amy-Jo Glover of Calma Karma Yoga Studio

What does it mean to move? Movement is one of your body’s basic functions and doesn’t necessarily have to mean ‘exercise’. When we use the word exercise, it sometimes brings with it a feeling of struggle and challenge, which we don’t always have the energy for. It can feel like a chore and obligation to exercise especially in these colder months when hibernating seems like the best option.

However, what if I told you that you only need to move your body for 5-15 a minutes a day to maintain a healthy body and mind? To move your body means to free up space and reduce stress that gets stuck in your tissues so we can go about our day with less aches, more motivation, and a feeling of accomplishment. You don’t need to do an hour’s HIIT class every day to enjoy the benefits of movement!

Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier and stretch out the body with these simple movements:

      • ✿ Full body stretch
      • ✿ Folding over legs (caterpillar pose)
      • ✿ Hug knees into chest
      • ✿ Butterfly pos
      • ✿ Side bends
      • ✿ Supine twists

If you’re working from home at a desk, or find yourself running after the kids all day, you’ll notice how the body begins to seize up in places that are used repetitively. When the body seizes up we begin to feel stiff and achy, which over time could result in chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and even increased mental stress. If this sounds like something you experience, don’t panic! We all do. However, this is your body telling you to move!

Desk stretches (try to do these every hour):

      • ❀ Full body stretch arms over head
      • ❀ Seated cat cow pose
      • ❀ Low lunge to relive the hip flexors
      • ❀ Circle the head/ neck stretches

Gentle movements to try with the kids:

      • ❁ Hug knees and rock & roll through spine
      • ❁ Lie on your back, put your legs in the air and circle through the ankles pointing and flexing the feet (reduces build up fluid in the legs when standing all day)
      • ❁ Stand up and forward fold over legs holding opposite elbows and sway from side to side (releasing tension in the spine)
      • ❁ And if the mood takes you, dance!

Even if you don’t experience any aches, discomfort or stress in the body, when you begin to move you will most likely discover areas of your body that you didn’t realize you were holding tightness in. Yoga is one of the most intuitive ways to move your body, establishing a mind + body connection within yourself to identify where exactly you’re holding stress in your body.

Think of yoga as a moving meditation. It doesn’t need to be a workout, it’s a work in! By lengthening the muscles in the body even just for 5 minutes a day, we experience benefits such as tension release, improved circulation & digestion, increased energy levels, better sleep, improved organ function and boosted immune system. Not to mention improved brain function through exposing the body to high levels of oxygen through breathing practices called pranayama.

I hope you find time to use these simple tips and tricks and bring some mindful movement into your daily routine. Just remember, we don’t need to be world-class athletes to experience the joy of movement. Now more than ever, we need to make sure we are making the most of our bodies, and doing what we can to keep our spirits high.

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