The Guide to Natural Confidence

The Guide to Natural Confidence

Confidence makes us feel unstoppable. It allows us to live more freely and to take more risks. But most importantly of all, it’s about being proud of who we are.

It's not about changing ourselves, but about accepting who we are at our most natural. It's recognising the qualities that make us unique, appreciating our strengths and embracing our flaws. It's knowing we have everything we need and that we have plenty to offer. It's hearing all those inner doubts but loving ourselves anyway. Confidence is a bold act of self-love.

Confidence begins in belief. Believing in yourself, the choices you make and the way you live your life.

As we’ve all started to crave some normality over the past few months, we’ve seen more people starting to reach for products and routines that give them a sense of power over the way they look and feel. But with health also at the forefront of everyone’s minds, having faith in the safety and efficacy of these products is also more important than ever.

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What does confidence mean to you?

Is it feeling good in your own skin? Is it the ability to speak your mind? Is it a sense of control? It’s different for everyone. Here are some things that make some of the Naturisimo community feel confident:

Confidence begins in the mind. When we feel stressed, overwhelmed or tired, it’s all too easy to lose belief in ourselves. When we’re more energised, we can see things clearer and we become better-equipped to tackle what life throws at us.

Whether it’s a positive affirmation, an energy-boosting supplement or simply a better night’s sleep - there are simple ways we can all feel more confident from the inside, out.

“I love practicing positive affirmations to summon a bit of confidence. Just taking a moment to remind myself of my strength….it really helps me cope with stress when it arises.”

- Melanie, Naturisimo customer

“In about a week [of taking the Terranova B Complex] I was back to my old self, full of energy, happy and stopped getting worried about everything.”

- Katemaishe, Naturisimo customer

This is an important one for almost everyone. When we feel good in our skin, it shows. Whether it’s the right cleanser for acne-prone skin, or just something to make us glow, natural and organic skincare is a great place to start when it comes to a little boost of confidence.

"I feel my best when I have self-tan on. That healthy glow just makes me feel a lot more confident in the way I look. It's my number one go-to."

- Kitty, Naturisimo customer

"I feel confident when I have clear skin. It's as simple as that."

- Katherine, Naturisimo customer

“[After using Tata Harper Elixir Vitae] Everyone thinks I look great...and I do! Well worth every penny for what it’s done to my confidence.”

- Tara, Naturisimo customer

It’s not about hiding yourself away, it’s about embracing your best features and showing off what makes you unique. Whether it’s that failsafe lipstick before a meeting, your favourite trusted concealer or simply a strong brow, sometimes confidence can be found in the simplest of places.

Discover natural, cruelty-free makeup you can believe in.

“Failing all else, a pair of hoops and my favourite lippy never let me down.”

- Amy, Naturisimo customer

"I feel my best when I've done some exercise...and of course when my brows look good!”

- Kulwinder, Digital Marketing

“RMS has given me confidence and reignited my passion for makeup! The ingredients are excellent.”

- Naturisimo customer

How do you feel when you’re having a really good hair day? Like you can take on the world? Equipped with the right products, we can have good hair days all week long. We can feel protected and fresh (even after a youtube HIIT class!). And all the while we can feel safe in the knowledge that our favourite products are safe, effective and sourced straight from nature.

““It’s a simple one, but a good hair day really works wonders for me. When my hair looks good, I feel a lot more confident going into work (or even joining a Zoom call!)”

- Hannah, Naturisimo customer

“[Discovering the Natural Deodorant Co was] A life saver. I’ve gained confidence and feel comfortable wearing sleeveless dresses now.”

- Shabnam, Naturisimo customer

What does confidence look like?

It’s time to find out.

We’ve put together a specially curated collection of confidence-boosting must-haves. From skin-clearing natural cleansers, to accentuating vegan makeup, to mind-enhancing organic supplements. Whatever it is that makes you confident, you can find here knowing that it's been sourced with your health and wellbeing in mind.

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