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Coconut oil is everywhere, and rightly so! The pots of the beautifully scented cream or oils can be used for so many different reasons both in and out of the beauty world. We are huge fans of both the tried and tested uses and those which may not be so obvious! With hundreds and hundreds of suggestions on the web about how to make the most of your tub of coconut oil, we have compiled our favourite 10 uses, just for fun! 10. DIY Body Scrub - combine 1 1/3 cups of sugar with a 2/3 cup of melted coconut oil and mix with 20 drops of your favourite essential oil and you have your very own home-made coconut sugar body scrub! They make the perfect gift or home-spa treatment, without the large price tag! 9. Highlighting - get that natural glow by applying a very small amount on your cheekbones over your makeup for a hint of highlight. Do not apply make-up on top of coconut oil, this can make you look a little shiny, not glowing! 8. Coconut Oil Coffee - adding a spoonful into your coffee in the morning creates an even bigger natural energy boost. The secret is to blend your coffee with the coconut oil, not stirring! It's delicious! banner_19Jun16_2 7. Static reducer in hair - how annoying is it when your wispy bits of hair gravitate towards the sky due to static? Put a little coconut oil in your hands, rub together and run them through your static-y hair to tame it. 6. Shaving Lotion - no coconut oil countdown would be complete without the best natural shaving lotion! Coconut oil allows you to get close to the skin, and moisturises at the same time. Winner! 5. Replace vegetable oil in cooking - next time you are making your favourite baking recipe, such as brownies, replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil and call it your secret recipe! 4. Oil pulling - health trend or health benefit? Oil pulling is a traditional ancient method which involves swishing oil in your mouth to remedy various oral health ailments, including whitening teeth, preventing bad breath and strengthening teeth, gums and your jaw. Many people choose coconut oil for the sweet taste. The idea is to put a small amount of oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 20 minutes, however you may find your jaw can only take a few minutes to start with, so build up the time you spend on it and the easier it will become. After you have finished swilling it in your mouth, spit it out and continue the process for as long as you feel necessary and you'll start noticing results. (Do not spit it down a drain or plug at home, as the oil will clog your drains!). 3. Sweet Potato chips - a healthy, firm favourite! Preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and thinly slice your sweet potatoes (this is the time consuming bit!). In a large bowl mix the sweet potatoes, 2 melted teaspoons of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary and a little sea salt. Bake the chips in a single layer for 10 minutes, flip them over for another 10 minutes of baking. Keep an eye out that they don't burn, and enjoy the fat-free delicious tasting chips! 2. Eye makeup remover - this is an incredibly healthy, effective and long-lasting way to remove even the most stubborn of makeup! It works so well and you will wonder why you ever used anything else to remove eye makeup before hand! banner_19Jun16_1 And last but not least, our number one favourite way to use coconut oil... it's not beauty related, but another foodie option! 1. Popping popcorn! This unique twist is at number one, as we had never thought of it before! Coconut oil will always be close to our hearts as a the ultimate beauty staple, but it is just so versatile that we had to include a few good foodie ones as well! Add coconut oil and popcorn to a heavy-bottomed pan and then coat the pan with the oil. Give the pan a little shake to cover all of the kernels and place on a medium heat. Put the lid back on the pot, leaving a little gap for the steam to escape and enjoy sweet tasting, super healthy coconut flavoured popcorn in 5 minutes or so! What is your favourite way to use coconut oil? Let us know on Twitter @Naturisimo_UK. For your coconut oil needs shop here for: Pukka Organic Coconut Oil for nutrition and RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream for beauty uses.


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