Green Beauty Skincare Master Class

Green Beauty Skincare Master Class
If your skin care routine involves splashing your face morning and night with water and a quick smothering of moisturiser, you have come to the right place. Tata Harper produces nothing less than 100% natural, luxurious skincare and makeup and this is her Ultimate Master Class – a step by step guide on how to use the range and get that Tata Harper glow!

Triple cleansing ritual

Removing your makeup every day at night is a vital part of maintaining a clear complexion and avoiding any breakouts, with a few cleansers to choose from, this is the best way to ensure your skin is left beautifully clean and radiant: First, cleanse - start with the Nourishing Oil Cleanser as it’s a great cleanser to remove make-up and lift dirt. Massage all over the face, while the skin is dry, and then remove with warm water. Second, cleanse – next up is the Purifying Cleanser that addresses the cellular ageing from pollution. This cleanser is like a juice cleanse for the skin, plus it’s perfect for pore reduction. Apply this to dry skin and then rinse off with clean, cool water Third, cleanse - this is the exfoliating step, and we like to use the Regenerating Cleanser. Apply to dry skin, massaging thoroughly on the face and neck with circular movements, remove with warm water and after all this cleansing you will see a clarity and an amazing glow to the skin. banner_14Sep16_6


The Resurfacing mask acts as a gentle peel for the skin that leaves the face looking and feeling soft, beautiful and glowing. Apply a thick layer onto the face and neck and leave on for 20-30mins, then remove with warm water. Tip - While the mask is on you can give yourself an at-home facial steam


Stress can cause wrinkles and tension on the face, so it's imperative to de-stress. The Aromatic Stress Treatment profoundly promotes overall tranquillity and serenity and helps transform mood and energy. Apply to the pulse points and also the palm of your hands and then take five deep breaths.


First Step - The Hydrating Floral Essence is a moisturising toner that boosts hydration to the skin. It contains Bio-compatible Hyaluronic Acid and a weightless blend of natural humectants. Spritz 3-5 times on the face and then massage in and then apply your serum while the skin is still moist Second step - The Elixir Vitae is a supercharged, nano-weight anti-aging treatment offers immediate wrinkle reduction effects by visibly smoothing the skin’s surface and filling the look of fine lines, topically delivering the visual effect of an injectable. Use 2-3 pumps and massage onto the face and neck. Third Step - The Boosted Contouring Serum is a supercharged treatment works to visibly lift, tighten, and smooth the look of skin. Massage this on top of the Elixir Vitae concentrating primarily on the next and jawline banner_14Sep16_4


Never skip your moisturiser; your skin needs to be replenished each night after a day of exposure to the environment and wearing make-up. Step one – Apply the Repairative Moisturiser to the face and neck. This silky, creamy formula delivers high-performance hydration with its blend of biocompatible hyaluronic acid and natural humectants for an optimal moisture balance and a plump look. The most delicate area on your face is around your eyes, so why do so many people neglect this part of their skincare routine? Many eye creams are formulated to deliver maximum moisture and contain incredible anti-ageing properties Step two – Put a small amount of the Elixir Vitae Eye Serum around the whole eye are including the upper and lower lids. This silky, ultra-concentrated formula rapidly reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles for a more youthful look. Step Three - For environmental protection, antioxidants and nourishment, apply the Replenishing Nutrient Complex. Use 2-3 drops and massage over the skin. It is a very healing and soothing product plus also acts as a multivitamin for the skin. Step Four - The lip area is very delicate so therefore also needs daily treatment like the rest of our face. Apply Be Adored to the lip area to minimise the look of wrinkles and vertical lip lines while providing daily hydration

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