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Whether you were blessed with beautiful bouncy curls or super sleek straight hair, it is probably fair to say at some point we've all wanted to change our hair up a little bit. Thankfully, gone are the days of ironing or crimping our hair to within an inch of its life and the heat tools of today can transform natural hair into a beautiful new do in minutes. However, before applying heat to hair, it is vitally important to protect each strand; this is best done with a heat protection product. Until now, the natural and organic world has been pretty scarce when it comes to a greener option, until now. Hair experts Swell Hair have released their Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum; a dream come true for those with fine, frizzy or coloured hair! How is this different to other heat protection products? It’s Silicone Free! Common heat protection products contain silicone, which gives your hair its shine and smooth appearance; however it is also a bit like plastic! It wraps itself around your hair, weighing it down making it limp and lifeless, not the look you are going for with a pair of curling tongs in your hand. It can also cause build up in your hair, resulting in heavy, greasy hair or over washed hair stripped of its natural oils. All things we would happily avoid! What does it contain? The Serum contains a minimum of 97% natural ingredients; it is suitable for vegans and is free from parabens and SLS. Its key ingredients are: Hydrolyzed Quinoa which protects your hair, and gives your hair a healthy looking sheen - without the added chemicals! Abysssinian Oil protects your hair from the heat, and it is lightweight enough so it is easily absorbed. Protect your hair from damage with Oat Beta-Glucan, a soluble fibre taken from high quality oats which also aids in moisturising your scalp. banner_030416_1 Protect your hair further with expert advice from Swell: 5 CRUCIAL TIPS FOR USING HEAT TOOLS ON FINE HAIR
  1. Use reduced or low temperature setting
  2. Don’t stretch or drag hair when using any heat tool. It’s better to use 3 quick passes with the iron or wand rather than one slow pass.
  3. The cooling part of the process is as important as heating when creating curls with a wand or iron. Curls may drop out if not cooled properly!
  4. If straightening hair with an iron make sure the irons are partly open at the root zone and then gradually close them as you move down the hair shaft. This will enable you to maintain volume at the roots and smooth mid lengths and ends.
  5. Never use heat tools without Swell’s Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum!
Shop here for: Swell Hair and protect your hair, seal split ends and achieve a sleek natural shine.


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