Meet the Brand: The Susanne Kaufmann Q&A

Meet the Brand: The Susanne Kaufmann Q&A

We’ve always been pretty obsessed with Susanne Kaufmann here at Naturisimo. The product range effortlessly transports the beauty of the spa into the comfort of our homes with each of the products providing a luxurious sensorial experience.

Loved by beauty experts for years, we thought it was time to lift the lid on Susanne Kaufmann and give you a glimpse into their exquisite high-quality natural ingredients and their impressive sustainability efforts. We caught up with Susanne herself to get the inside scoop on our latest Brand of the Month...

How would you describe the Susanne Kaufmann range to someone who has never tried it before?

At Susanne Kaufmann, our philosophy is to support the skin’s natural functions so it can work at its best, allowing its vitality and beauty to shine. Our approach is holistic: we look at the whole picture and see skincare as a means of prevention so we can care for the skin’s specific needs with our tailored products and treatments. Our powerful natural formulas are created using only the finest plants and botanicals, carefully chosen for their efficacy and skin affinity, as well as pioneering sustainable manufacturing methods to leave a lighter footprint on our Earth.

Why are natural ingredients so important to the formulations?

I have always had a fascination with plants and the natural actives they provide. We harness the power of science to help us create the best natural formulations that are intrinsically better for skin. We believe that proven skincare science and the natural power of plants is the only way to create truly effective natural skincare.

For me, terms like “clean” and “natural” go much further than the high-quality, natural, and effective ingredients. It should also encompass an environmentally friendly production, sustainable packaging innovation, manufacturing processes and a deep respect for nature and people. This has always been our philosophy. It’s always been about the entire picture.

Susanne Kaufmann

What is your everyday beauty routine? Any top tips?

The most important first step in an effective regime is to cleanse. This will lift away any impurities and prepare the skin for follow on care. I recommend a double cleanse using our Cleansing Milk followed by our Tonic Soothing to thoroughly cleanse pores and remove any impurities. Before applying my day cream, I like to apply the Enzyme Peel. This is a very gentle exfoliating product which works to lift and remove dead skin cells without being too harsh for the skin. I then apply our much-loved Hyaluron Serum Moisturising which supports the skin cells in retaining moisture, giving you that extra boost of hydration. I always finish with our Eye Cream Line A under the delicate eye area.

Top Tip: Many of our products are better enhanced when paired together. I recommend to use our Hyaluron Serum Moisturising and Day Cream Line T for an extra dose of hydration and protection.

Tell us a bit more about your sustainability efforts. You are introducing refills for a lot of the range - what else are you working on?

Our long-term production partner is a real innovator in sustainable production and our production house, which has been in operation for over 17 years, runs completely on solar, thermal, and green electricity sources. One of our pioneering sustainability initiatives currently in place is the state-of-the-art, solar powered, high-capacity mixing unit. The unique machine utilises thermal energy, 100% of which is obtained from the in-house solar system. This is one of a kind in the industry and is in line with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and help us in the fight to protect our planet.

Susanne Kaufmann

What do you think it means to be a beauty brand in 2021?

I believe that it takes trust, authenticity, and transparency to be a striving beauty brand in 2021. The beauty industry is transforming to meet the needs of a savvy consumer who is looking for meaningful brands and experiences. They want to connect with brands which are socially and environmentally committed.

To fulfill our promise to offer natural, highly effective cosmetic products, we follow four ethical principles: quality, effectiveness, transparency and sustainability which guide all of our actions and reaffirm our beliefs and what our products stand for.

What does the future hold for Susanne Kaufmann?

We are committed to providing our customers with sustainable packaging solutions that leave a lighter footprint and therefore are expanding the refill range in the second half of 2021. We know our customers love our recyclable glass bottles, and so we are excited to offer a refill solution that empowers them to reuse their existing bottles, reduce their carbon footprint and help us in the fight to protect our planet.

Since the brand’s conception in 2003, we have offered most of our products in our iconic, recyclable glass bottles. Sustainability is ever evolving. New research and scientific developments open the door to new sustainable initiatives all the time, as well as skincare development to cater for the needs of the skin in the digital age. As a brand we are committed to implementing the best methods for our products and services.

Finally, what is your best selling product? Which one would you recommend to someone trying the brand for the first time?

The Restorative Toning Body Cream, which launched earlier this year, has already proven to be a favourite among our customers. This luxurious body cream provides an intensive triple effect: stimulating the skin’s metabolism, supporting the production of collagen and tightening the connective tissue for more even toned, firmer skin – ideal for the summer months. For someone trying our brand for the first time, we would recommend our Day Cream Line T or Hyaluron Serum Moisturising. They are our top best-selling products for a reason – rich in nutrients and natural ingredients you will see instant results without any compromise to you or our Earth.

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