How To Tell If The Supplements You Take Are Really Working

How To Tell If The Supplements You Take Are Really Working
Supplements are key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but have you ever contemplated why you've taken them religiously for years and are still unsure if you see a difference? The brains behind the brand, Wild Nutrition tell us the ground-breaking methods they adopt to create bioavailable potent formula's maximising the effect you get out of your products. The founding principle behind all Wild Nutrition products is the use of a unique Food-Grown production process. This process originated in Europe and was then further developed in America where it is today produced by only one company for the worldwide market. Wild Nutrition is one of the very few companies with permission to use this ground-breaking and sophisticated process.

What is Food-Grown?

Sorry, here comes the complicated sciencey bit...In nature, a plant grown in the ground relies on the nutrients found in the soil. These nutrients are found in an inorganic form, known to chemists as inorganic salts. These salts are pulled up through the roots of the plant and, with the addition of sunlight, are metabolized by the plant, converting them into plant-bound forms of vitamins and minerals. During this process, they are combined with other things such as lipids, proteins, and enzymes and are bound into the cellular structure of the plant itself. We don't have the ability to convert inorganic salts ourselves and so we rely on consuming plants to receive these nutrients. In other words, we can more readily absorb these nutrients when they come as a package deal with other nutrients and the plant itself, rather than as an isolated, synthetic nutrient. The Food-Grown process replicates this natural and sophisticated process, providing vitamins and minerals in a live, raw and more easily absorbed form. We believe it’s important for the body to be able to decide how it uses the nutrient. To explain this with a simple analogy, think of the body as a continent. This continent has many different countries, all with different currencies. When a synthetic, isolated nutrient travels to this continent, it only takes with it one currency. This limits how much and where this nutrient can spend its currency (i.e. where and how in the body it can be absorbed and used). However, the Food-Grown process provides the nutrient with a full wallet of the different currencies and therefore can spend its currency wherever the body instructs it to travel. Our process is unique and the care and mindful attention we give to each formulation are echoed in our manufacturing processes. Indeed our quality control checks go above and beyond the “gold-standard”; our Food-Grown material is subject to testing at every batch, rather than random batch testing only, and although not all of the ingredients we use have organic certification, the rigorous analysis we conduct on our material before we even start production confirms that there is no trace of any pesticides or herbicides in any of our Food-Grown ingredients – organic without the certificate!

The Benefits of Food-Grown

Smaller doses - The naturally improved bio-availability of Food-Grown nutrients means that only small doses of these are needed to achieve nutritional effectiveness. Higher absorption rates - When nutrients are presented in a Food-Grown form, they are estimated to be up to 84% better absorbed and retained than synthetic isolate forms. For this reason, the required dose is significantly less than that for synthetic isolated supplements. For example, our Food-Grown calcium was found to be better absorbed than the synthetic carbonate or gluconate calcium form. Increased effectiveness- Food-Grown material has shown that lower doses of nutrients in this form can be more effective than higher doses of synthetic forms. In fact, it is estimated that the achieved body storage (known as an accumulative reserve) after 4 months of taking low dose Food-Grown material is the equivalent of 18 months of regular intake of a synthetic isolated form.

Rooted in Science and Clinical Experience

Wild Nutrition’s formulas are unique to Wild Nutrition and have been formulated by Henrietta Norton, Co-Founder and experienced Nutritional Therapist and author of two leading books on Endometriosis and Pregnancy. Henrietta has had over 11 years experience in Research and Development for the supplement industry as well as 13 years as a highly respected Nutritional Therapist. Henrietta’s formulations go way beyond ‘standard’ nutrient formulas. She carefully selects each ingredient with an in-depth knowledge of the synergy between them to determine the correct dose and levels of nutrients required. Each formula draws on her experience as a nutritional therapist and formulator, as well as her passionate belief that health needs to be supported systemically rather than a simple A-Z of vitamins and minerals. For this reason, Henrietta often uses adaptogenic herbs and synergistic ingredients to take the formulation to another level. Perhaps as crucial to this is Henrietta’s passion for and dedication to creating the absolute best both in terms of the end product (that she uses in her own clinic) and the quality of ingredients and manufacturing processes from start to finish. Wild Nutrition remains true to the philosophy with which it was started over four years ago, to provide expertly formulated products that deeply nourish the body just as nature intended. If there were a better and more effective process to do this than Food-Grown, we would have been using it!

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