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As we head into the August bank holiday, it's almost impossible to believe that the holiday season will soon be over and we will be getting ready to head into the autumn here in the UK. If you have made the most of the summer and spent time in the sunshine home or abroad, you may have over-indulged on the sunbathing, cocktails and eating out and now, unfortunately, your skin is paying the price! Being exposed to unfamiliar heat and the climate and pressure of a plane cabin can play havoc with your skin. Throwing in other factors such as sunburn, lack of sleep, lack of water and a poor diet will not have you returning to work with that 'post-holiday' goddess look you were going for! However, with a little effort post-holiday, you can get yourself back to the pre-holiday glow you worked so hard to achieve before jetting off! Here are our top tips to get your skin care back on track. Reduce puffy eyes & dark circles: Lack of sleep or crying with laughter for a week? Welcome puffy eyes and dark circles! Puffy eyes are caused by water retention in the sensitive area around the eye, often caused by lack of sleep or feeling of fatigue, whereas dark circles are created by blood vessels appearing under the skin when we are dehydrated - both likely to happen while enjoying a holiday! You can resolve this skin concern by applying something cool and soothing to the eye area to relieve the swelling; think cucumbers or a cooling and nourishing eye gel. Using a gel instead of cream in the eye area when your tackling water retention will not add extra moisture to that area, but instead, it will offer refreshment to soothe your tired eyes and reduce your puffiness. The soothing herbal Dr Hauschka Eye Revive will do just this and is one product you will want waiting for you when you get home! You apply the gel solution to a cosmetic pad, lay them over your eyes and put your feet up for 10 minutes. While it gets to work, you can day dream about your holiday memories! banner_05Aug16_1 Look after your sunburn: For many people, sunburn is the bane of summertime and results in forcing people to cover up when in the sun! Hopefully you will have treated your skin well while away and were generous with your applications of sun cream, and after the sun, however, it's important to keep the after care up when back at home to prevent the skin from peeling or remaining dehydrated. So, how do we get sunburnt? Here's a quick science lesson. When we get sunburnt, the ultraviolet rays from the sun are being absorbed into our skin and causing cellular damage. Our bodies respond to this effect by increasing the blood flow to the capillary bed of the dermis layer of skin in an attempt to bring in more cells to repair the damage which is caused by the sun's rays. The extra blood being held in the capillaries is what causes the redness. This is why it is important to use sunscreen, as the formula works to either absorb or deflect the UV rays from the sunlight - therefore protecting our skin! If you have been a little lacklustre on the sun protection, it is important to keep moisturising and looking after your skin when you return home to restore the moisture lost due to the sunburn. The Green People Hydrating After Sun is perfect to help begin the healing process and reduces any peeling off your damaged skin. Apply this lotion all over the body, concentrating on any affected areas and let the formula containing chamomile and aloe vera get to work cooling down those burnt bits! For a skin quenching moisturiser to use on your face aim for products which contain white tea extract or aloe vera to calm and soothe burnt noses and foreheads! The A'kin White Tea & Aloe Vital Hydration Facial Gel Creme contains both of these skin-loving ingredients and will not only protect your damaged skin but leave you feeling fresh and bright looking. Lift away impurities: We're not saying wash away those memories, but your face and skin could tell a thousand stories about long days and late nights! Look for a cleanser which will restore the moisture in your skin and leave you feeling soft and smooth. Avoid any products with harsh exfoliates in and avoid scalding water, if you have sunburnt skin, this will not improve the feel or look of your skin. Try the creamy Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser which works to lift impurities of your skin and when teamed with their soft muslin cloth, it gently buffs away dead skin to help the cell regeneration process start - the clue is in the name! banner_05Aug16_2 Get your beauty sleep: If you've been partying hard on an exotic island or simply had too much rest time on a beach, it's important to get yourself back into a regular sleeping pattern when you head back home. While sleeping your body works hard to rejuvenate your skin, and there is a lot of truth behind the saying 'You need your beauty sleep!". Try sleeping on your back as this prevents fluid from collecting around your face and under your eyes and exacerbating any dark circles which may have travelled back with you! We hope this helps get your post-holiday skin back to feeling at it's very best, but just with a touch of a tan now! To ensure your skin is as hydrated as possible before heading back to work, shop here for Moisturisers What do you like to do to your skin when you get back from a holiday? Let us know on Twitter @Naturismo_UK


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