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As beauty lovers, we love the fact there are so many options available, all catered to different skin types, needs and concerns. But that same wide-ranging choice can make finding the perfect skincare actually quite overwhelming. Beauty is big business, and unfortunately, that means a lot of brands end up over-promising and under-delivering. So as a retailer that prefers brands who do things differently, we were pretty excited to discover Plenaire, a straight-talking skincare range that prioritises wellbeing, experience and results over empty promises and outdated technology.


We met with Plenaire’s founder, Namrata Kamdar to discuss what makes the brand so special and why it may just be the skincare you’ve been looking for all along (we even get our product expert Pat to put the range through its paces).

Namrata Kamdar

So, what is Plenaire exactly? What does the brand stand for?

“We’re a beauty brand for anyone looking for a more modern approach to skincare. We recreate those classic coming-of-age rituals with a capsule collection of unique, multitasking products.”

“We want to help people everywhere take pleasure in their skincare again, with a range of clean, sustainably designed products that meet everyday needs, but also encourage emotional wellbeing and self-care.”

Why is emotional wellbeing such an important part of the Plenaire ethos?

“It’s important not to underestimate how closely skincare rituals are tied to a sense of identity, both virtually and in real life. Comparisons and comments about appearance are harmful to wellbeing and this contributes to the thinking behind Plenaire: that a skincare brand should be open-minded and empathetic, recognising people’s fragility but also their strength. ”

“My favorite thing about Plenaire is that it’s deliberately indulgent with a touch of nostalgia. It was very important for us that each formulation had a beautiful sensory- every detail from the fragrance to the softness of the mono-material tube has been thought through to reflect a gentle, loving message. For something to become a daily ritual, it should spark joy and make you feel better.”

How is this shown in the products you make?

“Our Violet Paste perhaps encapsulates the brand's philosophy best. There seemed to be an existing narrative around “cover up that spot with some slap and get on with it” mindset. So, we decided that with Violet Paste we wanted to send the opposite message - that actually, having a blemish is totally normal, so if you have your period and you feel a bit teary - put on some Violet Paste, play some sad songs and get in your coziest pajamas and just go with it…. Putting on some blemish paste can be a mundane, functional act, or it can be a recipe to be at your very best, mentally.”

“Our products were created out of a genuine need to develop safe, effective and pleasurable ways to care for skin. Our products are suitable for younger skin, but work on anyone who wants to treat their skin with clean ingredients, beautiful textures and delicate sensory experiences.”

- Pat Puts Plenaire Through Its Paces -

Pat Puts Plenaire Through Its Paces

We gave our product expert (and self-confessed beauty addict) Pat the task of putting Plenaire’s hero products to the test. Here are the results…

Step 1. Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover

“Okay, this is really an incredible jelly texture that melts so easily into skin. When buying a product online, you can never get an idea of the scents involved so I’m here to tell you this smells so beautiful, like roses. I might even just say it...this could be my favourite first cleanse for a long time (and I’ve tried A LOT).

Step 1. Rose Jelly Gentle Makeup Remover

Step 2. Tripler 3in1 Exfoliating Clay

“The texture of this is incredible. Super light and whipped and not so abrasive as to be a scrub (I’m not personally a huge fan of physical exfoliants). I can’t explain it, but there is something so satisfying about applying this. It left my skin feeling really detoxified and fresh.”

Step 2. Tripler 3in1 Exfoliating Clay

Step 3. Skin Frosting Deeply Hydrating Mask

“I’d say this one is ideal for dry skin. The perfect hit of hydration and it left my skin feeling really soft. I think using this product really gave me that sense of self-care that the brand talks about. Just a really nice experience. I also think they have nailed the scents in this range to be honest. Sooooo nice.”

Step 3. Skin Frosting Deeply Hydrating Mask

The Hero Products:

Plenaire also stands for ‘conscious consumption’, can you tell us more?

“Our ongoing approach is to encourage conscious consumption with our customers. We encourage them to be more mindful of how much they consume. Only use how much you need, be present and conscious of waste.”

“The multitasking element was a key one. For example, our Skin Frosting mask is a mask, hydrator, moisturiser and overnight treatment all in one. While Tripler is a clay mask with decongesting benefits, gentle cleansing and exfoliation wrapped up in a single product.”

“Our formulas are also designed to minimise the amount of water both at the point of production as well as the point of use. Our packaging is also recyclable and BPA-free.”

What is your favourite go-to from the Plenaire range?

“I use Rose Jelly in the mornings and Skin Frosting most evenings before bed to relax - I love them both.”

What does the future hold for Plenaire?

“We have plenty more to come! Three new hero serums as well as launches into brand new categories. So watch this space!”



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