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Odylique's award-winning skin and hair care is unique - formulated over the course of 30 years to bring comfort and natural vitality to even the most sensitive skin. We caught up with them to talk all things organic, and the pros and cons of running a family business.

What inspired you to create Odylique?

We realised that pure and effective plant-based formulations could fulfil a huge need, not just for the many people like us with a history of allergies and sensitive skin, but for everyone who wanted to actively improve the condition of their skin. It really was one of those ‘Eureka’ moments we both remember clearly! So we combined our enthusiasm and skill sets and as it happened, became one of the first pioneering brands of truly organic skin care.

Odylique uses only natural, organic ingredients. Do you think it's becoming easier for people to incorporate organic and natural into all aspects of their life?

Many genuinely natural and organic brands have emerged in response to the increasing demand for safe, wholesome food and personal care products, but there is still lots of confusion with beauty brands capitalising on the trend and misleading people with false claims. Organic and natural have become interchangeable terms but there is a difference – a commercially grown ‘natural’ carrot is likely to have been sprayed with a cocktail of pesticides and herbicides, whereas a certified organic one is guaranteed not to have been. With both organic and natural certifications becoming available for skin care and cosmetics it should be easier to make an informed choice. Although organic certification is the ‘gold’ standard, both certifications guarantee the absence of the many undesirable and unsustainable ingredients found in mainstream products. The bottom line when choosing ‘clean and green’ products, is to look for a recognised certification logo. banner_02Jul17_1<1>

Is it more challenging to work with organic ingredients?

Nature is delightfully inconsistent so it may be that our cold-pressed avocado fruit oil will not always be same shade of green or our lavender essential oil have exactly the same aroma as last year’s harvest – but their benefits will be consistently impressive. Much time, dedication and loving care goes into growing and producing the organic botanical ingredients we use in our formulations and they deserve the extra care it takes to conserve their vitality and precious nutrients so our customers get to enjoy their amazing skin benefits. So challenging for sure, but very worthwhile!

The range is certified organic by the Soil Association. Was this a difficult process?

As the strictest organic certifying body in the world and also British, the Soil Association seemed the obvious choice for us from the outset - and we were one of the first companies to certify under their Health and Beauty Standards. But definitely not for the faint-hearted! It can take several months for a single product to achieve certification as every process from ingredients to final packaging has to meet their approval. Our first product approved turned out to be the first shampoo to achieve Soil Association certification. banner_02Jul17_2<1>

Why do Odylique products work so well for sensitive skin?

It is really a combination of the absence of irritant synthetics like fragrances, dyes, preservatives and harsh detergents and the positive effects of skin nurturing, therapeutic botanicals.

Odylique is a family run business. What are the best (and worst!) things about working with family members?

We share common goals, ethics and ideals and are deeply committed to what we do. Naturally we don’t always agree but we respect each other’s point of view and are always there for each other. Separating family life from business isn’t always easy, but we do try!

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