Is Mint The Missing Link In Your Skincare Regime?

Is Mint The Missing Link In Your Skincare Regime?
We love the refreshing taste of mint in the kitchen, especially when it comes to a hot cup of fresh mint tea, but is there more to mint? We spoke to the experts at Odacité to find out what it could be doing for our skin. More than just an ingredient in your favourite sweet treats and cocktails, mint offers an array of useful and invigorating benefits when featured in your favourite skincare products. A natural exfoliant, mint is a great way to give your skin a fresh feeling and healthy glow without the use of harsh chemicals. Beyond leaving your skin feeling minty-fresh, here are some advantages to introducing mint into your daily skincare routine:

Tightening + Toning

A wonderful source of Vitamins A and C, products containing mint can tighten and tone your skin, fight inflammation and remove residual oils, dirt, and grime. A naturally-occurring antibacterial and astringent, mint-filled products are great for helping skin stay revitalized and refreshed.


In addition to its toning abilities, mint can be used as a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and other signs of ageing. Packed with valuable antioxidants, mint-infused products stave off damaging free radicals, which can leave your skin tighter and brighter.


While it soothes the skin, mint also presents antiseptic properties to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Mint is naturally high in salicylic acid which makes it a powerful astringent. This is also what allows it to clean pores and keep acne at bay so well.


Most notably known for its aroma, mint is amazing at awakening your senses - and skin! It helps remove skin fatigue and keeps you and your skin look wide awake.

Is It Mint To Be?

Black Mint Cleanser is the latest launch from Odacité - a fresh gel cleanser that contains mint to help minimize the appearance of pores and wake up a tired complexion. Paired with activated charcoal and rhassoul clay, it eliminates impurities, dirt, oil, and makeup while preserving hydration.

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