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Meet The Maker: NUI Cosmetics

  • 2 min read
Get to know the brand that focuses on the fundamentals of having simple outer product packaging but powerful ingredients on the inside, we sat down with the founder of NUI Cosmetics, Swantje Van Uehm to hear all about how herburning need for a synthetic-free bright red lipstick sparked the creation of her brand. What was the inspiration behind creating NUI Cosmetics? I created NUI Cosmetics while working in the cosmetic industry when I realised one thing - I need a bright red lipstick that doesn't contain synthetic ingredients but is also vegan. This was the beginning of NUI Cosmetics - based on the belief that no animal needs to suffer in order to create the perfect red lip. I didn’t want Carmine (dead bugs) or synthetic ingredients on my lips. Where does the name 'NUI Cosmetics' come from? We wanted to create a makeup brand which is 100% natural and vegan. We found a producer who could offer us this and our beloved red lipstick. We were so happy, that just one word came to our minds: "great“. NUI Cosmetics means “great“ in Maori, the Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people from New Zealand. Every woman should feel great with our 100% natural and vegan make up which is also stylish and affordable. The range is 100% natural, vegan & gluten-free. How difficult was it to ensure these credentials were met? Where do you source and produce the NUI Cosmetics products? Actually, it’s quite hard to find producers who can offer all the criteria you would like and that are important for you. We produce in the US and Europe to make sure our clients get the best products and ingredients from all over the world. What are the key ingredients used across the range? For me, it’s important that our makeup not only looks good but also has a positive effect on your skin, body, and soul. The raw materials we use are of the highest quality and chosen for their skin conditioning and performing capacities. Our lightweight and nourishing Foundation, for instance, is Aloe Vera based. A highly compatible formula with soothing chamomile hydrosol that nourishes the skin thanks to the ultra-hydrating Shea butter while vitamin E helps fight off free radicals.Our lipstick formula is powerfully nourishing andmoisturising, it's based on the combination of three organic oils: Coconut, Jojoba, and Avocado. Additionally, the high concentration of natural derived Organic Butters like Capuacu, Mango, and Cocoa hydrate, heal and improve the elasticity of your lips. What can we expect from NUI Cosmetics in the future? There are a lot of projects we will implement for our customers. We have a close relationship with our customers and are always thankful for feedback and product wishes. Lots of Love, Swantje

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