New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!
This week The Organic Pharmacy is here to show us how to use their 10-day detox programme to kick off 2018 in the healthiest way possible. January is a time when most of us think of our resolutions and many of those include weight loss, reducing alcohol, coffee, sugar, stress and spending more time with family or to be more aware of what we do and how we live. Setting these goals for the New Year is a great focus for the New Year. Whilst many detox’s and diets conjure up visions of torture and pain, our 10-day detox is the ultimate health and beauty boost and really a great way to kick-start the new year and fill you with a sense of well being. The starvation free plan is full of delicious food and the perfect way to break all the bad habits we all get so used to. If you suffer from bloating, headaches, poor dull skin and lack of energy, nothing works better than this 10-day detox which rejuvenates the whole system.

Some Basics

Before you start I’d like to go through some basics, which will help you not only make the most of your 10 days but also will help you continue after your 10-day plan has finished.

Go Organic

Yes, it really is important to go organic – Pesticides are neurotoxic not only to animals but also humans and oestrogenic. A study in Australia showed that having an organic diet dramatically reduced the level of Organophosphate pesticides in the urine just after a week. And the whole idea of a detox is to reduce the level of toxins. Everything in the recipes is organic (apart from some herbs) and available in most supermarkets and online.

Give Up Sugar

Easier said than done because sugar is highly addictive and most of us eat it in far too large portions- the only way is to cut it out altogether and replace it with much smaller portions of natural alternatives like honey, stevia or agave but the key point is small amounts.

Wheat & Dairy

Wheat and dairy are OK if you don’t have an intolerance but if you do feel free to replace them with alternatives. As with everything moderation is the key, so go for wholegrain and organic only and make sure you are not having them more than once a day.


Get rid of any temptations and replace them with healthy alternatives. I’ve made a few suggestions but there are plenty of choices out there.

Get Cooking

The greatest and healthiest way to change your diet is to cook it. I know we are all busy but with a little planning it’s quite painless and a lot of fun. The recipes here are just suggestions but there are lots of fantastic recipe books out there that can help you.

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