Meet The Maker: Ere Perez

Meet The Maker: Ere Perez
Adored all around the world for their honest, high quality and beautiful products, Ere Perez has found a firm place in the natural beauty world since it's launch in 2004. We recently caught up with founder Ere Perez to find out how she mixed her Mexican heritage and Australian home to create the naturally beautiful brand, where she finds inspiration and how her passion for natural products began. What inspired you to start the Ere Perez range? I studied natural therapies and have a family heritage in natural healing, so I have always had an ambition to start my own line of natural skincare or cosmetics. Then having moved to Australia, where natural beauty has been embraced for some time, I decided to combine my two homes, sharing my Mexican heritage with the beautiful Australian culture. It created a bond that has enabled me to share my grandparents’ story (one is a chemist and the other a natural healer) and use it in everyday products.
banner_130416_2 Create a clean, natural look for your lashes with the Ere Perez Lash & Brow Aloe Vera Gel Clear Mascara
Where do you find inspiration now your range has developed into a full range of products? From all around me in my life;listening to women of all ages – my friends and family, colleagues, my daughters, other mums at school etc; by chatting about life and understanding what really makes us happy and enhances our beauty and confidence. I want my products to help us on our quest for happiness and fulfilment. Several of your products contain food items, such as beetroot in the Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint, and carrot in the Clever Carrot Cheek And Lip Balm - where did the connection with food come from? When I was a child my mum use to give me pieces of beetroot to use as play makeup for lipstick and rouge… that’s where a lot of my inspiration for ingredients has come from. I love the idea of veggies delivered straight to your skin! portrait_130416_1What is your favourite ingredient to work with? I love Arnica. It’s an amazing ingredient for its healing and skincare benefits. Where are your products made? Our makeup is made in Italy, France and Mexico. All ingredients are sourced from fair-trade and sustainable farms, using organic and safe farming methods with no chemicals. And absolutely never tested on animals at any point in the process… What three products from the range would you suggest as perfect handbag companions? Almond Oil Mascara, Clever Carrot Cheek and Lip Balm and Real Rosehip Oil Lipbars. What is your number one beauty and wellness essential? Fresh, sliced tomato on the skin to hydrate the skin anytime. It’s amazing and gives instantly visible results. What is the best advice you have ever been given? Focus your time on doing what you are good at. What can we expect to see from Ere Perez in the future? In the near future, I’m developing new and improved formulations and packaging for my existing range, plus some exciting new skin care and hair products. Long term my aim is simply to make our company one of the real leaders in organic and sustainable cosmetics, without compromising on performance or value. Shop the range here: Ere Perez
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