Meet the Maker: Votch

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What inspired you to create a range of cruelty free watches?

A few years ago I suffered with a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal, it was a condition that saw my skin literally fall off my entire body for over a year. While I was bed ridden I spent a lot of time watching documentaries, especially focusing on animal welfare. Seeing the process and cruelty that went into leather production and having felt the pain of losing my own skin, I vowed never to wear the skin of another being ever again. Then, when I was better and an old watch strap broke, I found sourcing a stylish vegan leather watch impossible, so I decided I had to do something about this and create my own brand of vegan watches, and so Votch was born!

What material are the watch straps made of?

Our classic collection straps are made from PU and a cotton knitted microfibre. The new collection is made from TPE with a cotton and polyester blend. We are also in the process of launching a Pinatex collection too, straps made from pineapple which we’re incredibly excited about!

How important was it to make the Votch range stylish as well as cruelty free?

It was really important for our watches to be stylish as well as cruelty free. On the market right now there are so many fashionable watches that all have leather straps, so it was key for me to show you that you can have a vegan leather, stylish timepiece that is also cruelty-free. There are so many amazing cruelty free brands out there now and we need to show that you can still buy fashionable and stylish items, but with added compassion too.

As a company Votch works closely with charities. Who have you been working with lately?

At the moment we are working with Made in Hackney, a local plant based community kitchen working with many different community groups who teach and educate that you can cook and prepare delicious plant based meals that are not only animal free, but kinder to the planet too.

Who would you love to see wearing a Votch watch?

I’ve adored Alicia Silverstone since I was young and saw her in Clueless! I have a lot of respect for someone who uses their fame and popularity to promote animal welfare issues, so she would be at the top of my list.

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