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Since they were established in 1998, Trevarno have been producing effective, clean, affordable products from their stunning Cornwall farm. We went behind the scenes to find out more about Organic Certification and how they keep their products so pure.

As the first beauty company to meet 'The Organic Farmers & Growers' strict standards to gain formal Organic Certification, do you think it's becoming easier for people to incorporate organic and natural into all aspects of their life?

At Organic Trevarno we are proud to be the first beauty company to meet The Organic Farmers & Growers strict standards to gain formal Organic Certification. This official recognition with Britain’s longest established organic certifying body guarantees the purity of the Organic Trevarno range and assures customers that products are both ethical and sustainable. It is clear that many people are looking generally for a more ethical and environmentally friendly way of living and are constantly seeking ways in which they can change the way they live and spend –recycling, using unleaded fuel & energy saving light bulbs, no longer using plastic bags, becoming more conscious of our individual “carbon footprint” and generally trying to be more “green”. The choice and availability of organic or natural products whether it is food, clothing or products to use on your skin, has grown significantly over the last ten years becoming more mainstream and less specialist and consequently more affordable. banner_12Jul17_1<1>

The products have a minimum of 95% organic ingredients which is high! Is this difficult to achieve whilst keeping your prices so affordable?

We believe at Trevarno we set ourselves very high standards which are evident in our products and all that we do. With organic certification being the only way to ensure that products are as pure and natural as possible, we work hard in sourcing the highest quality, socially just and ecologically responsible suppliers of ingredients for our skincare range. Maintaining our certified organic status is very important to us and to our loyal customers. For example, we prefer to use the natural preservative properties found in many plant extracts, even though this gives a shorter shelf life, but feel this is a fair exchange for a synthetic free and more natural product. In order to achieve this we have developed some great relationships with our suppliers, many of which have been with us from the beginning and it is in all our interests to be able to maintain the same high quality products that our customers expect and at a price which means that they no longer need compromise on luxury, style or affordability when choosing the natural skincare option.

Everything in the Trevarno range is made by hand at your farm in Cornwall. What are the benefits (and drawbacks) of this?

There are so many benefits to our location and surroundings and being able to work in such a beautiful part of the country. Being a short distance away from coast, country and woodland means we are never short of inspiration, particularly when developing new products or designing packaging. The main benefit of producing our products at Trevarno Farm is that being handmade in small batches means that we are able to control the whole production process from sourcing the highest quality and ethically traded ingredients through to developing long-lasting customer relationships and having complete flexibility to develop new products as demand dictates. Probably the only drawback is being based so far south we have to work “that bit harder” to promote Trevarno’s name across the UK and beyond. banner_12Jul17_2<1>

The range started with your traditionally made soaps, can you talk us through how are these made?

All of our soaps are handmade using traditional methods in our workshops at Trevarno Farm, South Cornwall using a combination of Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter for their moisturising properties, Olive Oil, a natural cleanser and Coconut Oil which provides the lather and contributes to the hardness and longevity of the soap. Trevarno soaps are made using the “cold” process where all of the natural glycerine remains in the soap and only the very best plant extracts are used in our recipes which have been refined and optimised for their skin care qualities.

Trevarno has been established for almost 20 years now, how has the brand grown in that time?

From the outset, Trevarno’s soap and skin care collection has been about using only the finest and most sustainable of organic ingredients to make “simple skincare that works”. The product range has gradually developed over the years to encompass what is today a comprehensive skincare collection, including a dedicated Spa Range, and more recently the very successful introduction of a Guest Toiletries collection aimed at high-end self-catering and boutique hotels. Trevarno also work with an increasing number of clients to produce bespoke own label ranges.

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