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Susanne Kaufmann was brought up in the unique Bregenzer Forest in the Swiss Alps where, for generations, the knowledge of using nature to heal was passed down. This is where she developed a passion for precious natural ingredients. We caught up with Susanne to talk about how her luxury brand expanded from her world-renowned spas to her best-selling skincare range. What inspired you to create the Susanne Kaufmann brand? There were different reasons which inspired me but most importantly, I grew up with the traditional knowledge of plants and medicine and I was always convinced that this knowledge in combination with the latest scientific researches would result into fantastic and powerful products. Initiating the research and development of products, monitoring the production process from start to finish ensures the highest quality. It is my passion to find the best ingredients and highest quality for our products. With the brand originally starting as a spa, how did you bring your interest in skincare into this experience? When I renovated our hotel spa in 2003 I was already fascinated by the possibilities of skin care. An important part of our philosophy always has been to see the person in a holistic approach. Having a hotel, a spa and tailored made products is the perfect base to bring out inner and outer beauty. banner_21Feb17_2 Can an ‘at home’ spa experience be created with your line? How would our customers make the most of the products? The line war originally made for our own spa and in the first 6 years we only used it there. This means every product has to give you a spa experience and has to have an effect. We always recommend our clients to approach their skin as “a changing situation”. Your skin shows everything, what you eat, your lifestyle, your sleep, and your mood. Therefore you should have a basic routine but mix and match our special products like the Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Serum to give your skin the best of what it needs. What do you think makes you different to other natural skincare lines? Precious active ingredients: Susanne Kaufmann products are made from valuable natural essences. For this, we use combinations of various plant materials that mutually supplement and enhance each other. It results in highly effective complexes that are working together and form intelligent power formulations. Specific functions:All complexes are extremely rich in smart nutrients like vitamins, minerals, collagen or cell renewing information. These compounds provide a strong effect that can be felt immediately. Uncompromising compatibility:The highest quality of ingredients, careful processing in low temperature and years of experience with plant ingredients result in especially excellent compatibility. All ingredients are dermatological tested. banner_21Feb17_3 How did you become interested in natural ingredients? I was always wondering why the cosmetic industry makes a big hype about some ingredients which are actually found in nature but then add in an artificial form to their products. What is the reason behind? I wanted to show that nature and modern technologies can have a great effect and don’t harm your health. Which key ingredients can be found in your products? Every product has the perfect mixture of ingredients and best quality for its purpose. Powerfully rich, active, natural complexes are created through proven strengthening relationships where different ingredients work together, increasing the potency and creating “power agents.” High quality natural oils which are extremely nutrient rich and our gentle cold pressure manufacturing process guarantee the very best products. Have you found any difficulties working with natural and organic ingredients? I wouldn’t say difficult but it is sometimes exhausting because there is so much happening in the technologies and in this field of science. We always try to be on top of the knowledge to deliver the best products. But the laws are not very convenient for this as the process of registration takes a lot of time and it is quite expensive. For big companies, no problem, as they have their own department for this but for us as a natural niche brand it is quite an effort. banner_21Feb17_1 Which is your favourite product in the range? It depends on my skin. Right now we have a very cold winter and I like to go outside, so I use the Susanne Kaufmann Body Butter. Do you have a career mantra? Never lose the passion for what you do. What can we expect from Susanne Kaufmann in the future? I really believe in the holistic approach of beauty. The combination of products, treatments and a healthy lifestyle. This is something I would like to emphasize in the future.

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