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Meet the Maker: S5 Skincare

  • 3 min read
S5 is the creation of a team of passionate product development specialists who are dedicated to providing organic skincare that really works. They are devoted to finding only the best in natural ingredients and whilst they were creating S5 they came up with something truly unique, all of their key ingredients are found in the earth's most powerful eco-systems. We caught up with founder Laura to discover more! S5 Skincare uses the unique strength of extreme bio-active ingredients from around the world, how did this come about? When we developed the range, we analysed hundreds of active ingredients that fell within our concept. They had to be super effective and natural. We looked at all the natural and organic actives that had been efficacy tested and had good results. We then chose the “best in the class”, the ones that had the absolute best results overall. Once the selection was done, we started researching and learning more about the actives we had selected. And at this point, we realised that all the chosen ingredients came from an extreme place: the desert, the rainforest, the alpine region, the sea or the Arctic/Antarctic. It was a “Eureka!” moment! It made sense: in order to survive, the bio-actives had to fight and have some pretty amazing ability. It works the same way on the skin… What was the most challenging aspect of this research? Comparing the ingredients like for like. There is so much data on tests, we had to make sure we compared the actives properly in order to select the ones that really were the best. The spreadsheet we put together was a mile long!! Who can use S5 Skincare? S5 has been formulated for anyone with a skin concern so… yes everyone! Skin ageing, dry skin, problem skin, hyper pigmented skin and sensitive skin! Pretty much everyone will find a product that will help and improve their skin. banner_22Jan17_1 Can the serums be mixed and used together? Yes absolutely, this is the beauty of S5. You can literally mix and match them to create you own beauty solution. Add some Replenish Serum to your moisturiser to enhance the nourishing property. Add some Illuminate Serum to your Purity Serum to combine oil control and skin brightness. Have you had the chance to visit any of the extreme ecosystems where the ingredients are sourced? Yes!! I was very lucky to visit the rainforest in Brazil and meet with the real people behind our actives. What is your favourite ingredient to work with? I find the Antarctic glycoproteins extremely interesting. They have the most fantastic results which beat any other anti-ageing active – even synthetic ones. They are powerful glycoproteins that protect against the extreme conditions of a sub zero environment. When applied to the skin they reduce the appearance of wrinkles (measured by wrinkle depth) by 44% and boost collagen levels by 128%. banner_22Jan17_2 What is your number 1 beauty essential? The S5 Purity Serum is my go to product whenever my skin flares up. One overnight application is often enough to prevent a spot from appearing at all. What is the best beauty advice you have ever been given? Cleanse, tone, moisturise and eye cream from a very young age! What’s next for S5? We are looking at adding boosters to the range, to tailor make your products even more. But that is still in development so I won’t reveal too much now!

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