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Meet The Maker: Plume Science

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Plume Founder and First Lady, Lauren Bilon was determined to create a safe way for women to enhance and protect their lashes. After she lost the majority of her eyelashes post-partum and suffered side effects from pharmaceuticals and false eyelashes, Lauren created her Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum with Irene Schnell, leading natural and organic cosmetics formulator. Here we catch up with Lauren to find out more about her story and how she turned her own insecurities into a premium 100% natural brand, helping women look and feel great. Plume was inspired by your own experience of hair & eyelash loss after giving birth. How did this make you feel? I was devastated when I lost most my lashes and a great deal of my hair after pregnancy. It dwindled my self-esteem which affected my relationships with friends and family. I felt depressed and not my true bubbly self – I began to withdraw from the world. I would pretend that everything was okay around my husband and kids, but who was I kidding? Only myself! I wouldn't resort to anti-depressants or medication that would only put a bandage on the problem - instead I sought out a solution on my own. Why was it important for you to create a natural brand, over something more conventional? After experiencing serious side effects from chemical-based lash serums, I was determined to find a safe and natural way to grow my lashes back. I have discovered that it's very rare for the chemicals in a product to be the active ingredients, more often it’s the botanicals and naturally sourced ingredients that are driving a product’s effects. You don’t have to sacrifice safety/health for effectiveness – technology and innovation have come a long way in the natural beauty world. I also realised how beauty products affect our well-being, and I wanted women to be able to feel glamorous and confident without worrying about their health. It’s not right that pregnant or nursing women must stop using all of their favourite beauty products out of fear of possible side effects. These products are meant to enhance our beauty and should be beneficial to us inside and out! Plume Science Lash Booster What would you say to people who may be sceptical about the results they'll see from using Plume? I would say give it a try! We have a 100% happiness guarantee because we are completely confident in the effectiveness of our product. Also, take advantage of all the reviews and stories that are shared by Plume users online. It always warms my heart to hear ladies share their experience about how our serum has transformed their lashes, brought back their brows from the over-plucked trauma of the 90s, and overall just given them so much confidence! What advice would you say to someone who wanted to swap from ‘mainstream’ beauty to greener options? I would say start slow and do your research. Don’t feel like you have to discard everything you’re currently using and replace it all overnight with natural products – that is just overwhelming! I recommend starting with the products that you use frequently in your daily life, those that come into direct contact with your skin, and the products that you wear for extended periods of time. Transition one product (or a few) at a time, find your staples that you love, and eventually, you’ll look around and your transition will be complete! Plume Science Do you find it hard juggling motherhood & running your own business? It can be really challenging balancing time with my family and prioritising business tasks. Life at Plume is always very fast-paced and exciting but I always make time to slow down and spend quality time with my two kids and my husband – working together to achieve the same goal really helps with that. Which inspirational woman would be top of your list to meet for a coffee? Oprah - she's everything I aspire to be. She’s driven, successful, intelligent, and a warm-hearted, genuine person. She started with nothing and persevered. I'd probably be speechless if I had the opportunity to meet her but a girl can dream! What would you like Plume Science to accomplish in the next few years? Our goal as a company is to become the number one premium natural brand for lash and brow cosmetics. Our mission is to be a leader of the Green Beauty Revolution and to help change the perception of beauty. We are ardent proponents for moving the world from ‘Beauty at any Cost’ to 'Beauty Without Sacrifice’.

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