Meet The Maker: Natural Deodorant Co.

Meet The Maker: Natural Deodorant Co.
If you have not heard of the Natural Deodorant Co yet, where have you been? The Natural Deodorant Company was created by Laurie Sanders out of a personal obsession to create the perfect deodorant from completely natural, organic and wild ingredients, and the beauty world has been rejoicing ever since! Not only is the deodorant completely effective and free from chemicals, but they smell fantastic and the range has a solution for even the most sensitive of skins. The Natural Deodorant company currently have three ranges 'Clean', 'Active' and 'Gentle' in a variety of scents, so there is something for every deodorant convert. We've caught up with the lovely Laurie to find out a little more about her brand. For people who are not yet aware about The Natural Deodorant Company, could you tell us a bit about yourselves? The Natural Deodorant Co. was born out of the desire to create all-natural deodorant that really works. My goal is to allow everyone to replace their mainstream deodorant with a clean, non toxic alternative. NDC-Portrait-Large What were you doing when you realised that you had the opportunity to make a difference in people’s quest for the perfect natural, organic deodorant? I had been searching for a truly effective natural deodorant for years myself when my husband and I happened upon this formula, so I do understand the frustration of searching for one that actually works. I had been dissatisfied with the natural options I had tried, and had taken to making my own- but even they were hit & miss! When we hit upon this lovely, light, creamy formula my husband suggested we make it for our friends and it went from there. Knowing that we are enabling people to cut a very toxic product out of their daily routine makes me feel very happy. Anyone who has attempted the swap from normal to natural, chemical free deodorant, may have experienced a few problems - what is it about The Natural Deodorant company which makes your product totally effective? There are a variety of things that hold people back from switching to a natural deodorant. There’s the risk that they will waste their money on something that doesn’t work, and once they are over that hurdle, some people find they seem to sweat more when they make the switch. I believe some people do have to deal with a ‘detox’ from their mainstream deodorant. Certain chemicals within those products can stay hidden in the pores for a very long time. So we have to have patience. The reason our deodorants are so popular is because our formula keeps the underarms fresh all day, meaning there is no compromising on performance. What is the best thing you have learnt so far on your journey with the The Natural Deodorant Company? One of the best things I have discovered is that I have a chance to make a difference. Not just in bringing a great product to the market, but also in the choices I make when sourcing ingredients and so on. Our ingredients aren’t just natural, they are also largely organic and/or fairly traded whenever possible.
portrait_24May16_1 Natural deodorant hero: Laurie Sanders
Do you have a favourite scent in your range? My favourite is definitely the Active Deodorant Balm Orange & Bergamot. Other than a quality, effective natural deodorant, what is your number one natural beauty essential? Mascara. Hands down - I’m a total mascara addict. What is your top tip for a happy, healthy life? It’s going to sound cliché, but gratitude. It’s not always easy, but I do believe it’s essential. What’s next for The Natural Deodorant Company? Well, we now have a great range of deodorants and our popularity is growing every month so for now we are going to focus on spreading the word about our products. I tend to get a lot of ideas for new products though, so I think a spray might be next on the agenda! Go clean and shop the full range here: The Natural Deodorant Co
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