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Founded in the mid-90's, MV Skincare is driven by a true advocate of organic skincare, Sharon McGlinchey. A trained holistic therapist, Sharon found herself researching cosmetic ingredients and the possible effects toxins had on the body. From this new-found knowledge, Sharon launched MV Skincare to share her findings and to develop a skincare range which was not only beneficial to our skin, but also for our health. Now, over 15 years later, MV Skincare is loved all over the world and endorsed by holistic GPs, naturopaths, internationally-renowned beauty editors and celebrities alike. We recently caught up with Sharon to find out how MV Skincare has developed over the years. What does MV skincare offer to the natural beauty world? A uniquely formulated results-focused health product for all skin types including the most sensitive. With an uncompromising approach to quality of ingredients and a passion for small-batch manufacture, MV offers to the natural skincare world, the food equivalent of a Michelin star. MV launched over 15 years ago, how has the range developed since then? Back in 1999 the range comprised of 10 products – of which 7 were for all skins including the truly sensitive amongst us. Today the range totals 12 products – very small by industry standards– with 4 of these containing complex blends of essential oils and ‘actives’ to more easily address ageing, sun-damage and dullness through to hormonal imbalance and breakout.
banner_01Aug16_4 The ultimate skin tonic & deep cleansing treatment; 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic
What results can people expect to see if they are swapping from commercial skincare to MV skincare? Can anybody use the range? Expect so see a more even skin tone, less congestion and a fresher healthier glow. A great example of this is one of our most common feed-back comments, “I hardly need to wear make-up anymore” Everyone can use MV – the whole family in fact. Reactions are rare and generally happen amongst a small group of highly reactive individuals who are often well aware there are few products on the market that suit their needs. You use only the very best organic ingredients - who do you work with to source these? I often work directly with farmers for certain ‘precious’ essential oils to ensure there is no adulteration. Here in Australia, I have spent 17 years building relationships with distributors who are ethical and understand the high quality I insist upon. You use a special process to ensure all your ingredients retain their essential nutrients – how does this work? This process means that only 1 plant oil is heated to 80 degrees, all remaining plant oils and essential oils are not exposed to heating of any kind. The ultimate result is achieved through small batch manufacture and the slow blending of all the remaining plant oils and essential oils. Time consuming but well worth it.
banner_01Aug16_5 Restorative & protective; 100% natural Rose Moisture
What would you say is the perfect evening routine with MV skincare products? Cleanse – warm compress style – with MV’s Gentle Cream Cleanser, spritz with the Rose Hydrating Mist then smooth a few drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster over your face and neck. A very simple but very nurturing routine which does not over-burden the skin. The evening routine is based around one of our favourite sayings ‘Less is More’. How does your vision compare now to when you started 17 years ago? And what’s your plan for the future with MV? MV actually stands for ‘My Vision, My Values’ so my vision 17 years ago was the same as it is today – NEVER compromise. As I am still the sole owner of MV, with no shareholders demanding returns or people insisting on less costly ingredients to increase profits, I have never had to compromise. Experience the incredibly nurturing skincare range here: MV Skincare


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