Meet the Maker: Mauli Rituals

Meet the Maker: Mauli Rituals

What inspired you to create Mauli Rituals?

A desire to share the wisdom of my rich heritage, while learning, earning and giving back. I was inspired by a need to turn a painful experience into one that could empower and bring greater meaning back into my life.

Why was it important to you to create an Ayurvedic brand? What are the benefits of Ayurveda?

My father-in-law is an Ayurvedic doctor and the embodiment of total wellbeing. He inspires me daily and the deeper I immerse myself in his teachings, the more I come to know that authentic beauty and wellbeing requires respect for mind, body and spirit in equal measure.

The products are very luxurious & beautifully packaged. Was this key to your vision for the brand?

The vision was simply to put heart and soul into every detail and to make the process of creating Mauli a true act of devotion. We wanted to give value in every sense of the word, so it’s natural that our packaging should be recycled or reusable and give pleasure beyond the last drop of product. I’ve just returned from India and watched artisans create some of our packaging and it lifts my soul to see their craft live on and be appreciated by our customers.

Which key ingredients do you use in the Mauli range and what are their benefits?

We use the finest ingredients from India; selected for being rich in anti-oxidants and exquisite in scent. We use nourishing base oils of Moringa, Watermelon seed, Calendula and therapeutic oils of pure Jasmine, Sandalwood and Turmeric to name but a few.

Which one product of yours do you reach for everyday?

That’s like asking a mother which of her children she loves the most and honestly, I need them all for different reasons. As hard as it is, I’ll give you just two. Supreme Skin Serum is my night and day moisturiser and is the most addictive product I have ever put on my face. Our dosha balancing massage oils are my holistic medicine cabinet essentials as they support me and my family through a multitude of modern mind & body concerns.

What has been the most rewarding part of running Mauli Rituals?

I get to work with passionate artisans, retailers and a wonderful team, all of whom share our vision for creating a brand that feels and does good. I get to go deeper into my heritage on a daily basis and it fills me up. We cannot authentically love and respect each other, until we allow these feelings for ourselves. I confess, I was not there in the early days of Mauli but this brand teaches me more as each day unfolds and it is a big blessing.

What are your top wellbeing rituals?

Daily rituals consist of a morning meditation, a walk in nature and nightly rituals of bathing, relaxation and reflection. Weekly rituals consist of yoga, a couple of short, sharp bursts of high intensity work-outs, a cycle class to put a smile on my face and time with those I love.

What’s the best advice you have been given?

It’s better to be happy, than to be right.

Where would you like to see Mauli Rituals in 5/10 years time?

I’ve not thought that far in advance, but it would be gratifying to see us continuing to get the very best natural products to a wider audience. As you know, we give £1 from every purchase made directly to causes that enrich the lives of children, and I would like to have got much closer to reaching our target of £1m. And finally, to continue to love what we are doing; otherwise we miss this point of this precious life.

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