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Meet The Maker: Lina Hanson

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Lina Hanson was born and raised in Sweden where eco-conscious living was an ingrained part of her life. As a natural explorer, Lina moved to New York City where she trained to become a makeup artist, and then to Los Angeles to further her career. Today, she is one of Hollywood’s top makeup artists and natural beauty experts. Here we catch up with Lina to find out more about her skincare range, and how travelling has inspired her effective natural skincare range.

Your brand was inspired and created on a belief of Global Beauty - what does this mean and what inspired you to focus on this?

Global Beauty is an all-inclusive approach to beauty. It’s about celebrating all types of beauty, no matter who we are, the shade of our skin, or where we come from. In the same way, we celebrate beauty around the world, we also celebrate the natural ingredients found around the world. We source several of our ingredients globally, working with farmers and women’s collectives to ensure they are ethically attained and of the highest quality.

Where do you find inspiration now?

I'm always very inspired by my travels. Right now I’m feeling so inspired by Scandinavia, which is actually where I grew up. But there are so many incredible earth-derived ingredients in this world that different cultures have cherished for centuries, and I love learning about them. My goal is to make these global beauty secrets attainable for all. banner_29May17_1

On your very enviable social media feeds (stunning travel photos!) you have beautiful glowing skin, do you stick to a skincare routine?

My skincare routine is pretty simple. My products are all multi-functional and I love the “less is more” idea. First I use the Global Baby/Sensitive Serum as a cleansing oil. Secondly, I cleanse the skin with the Global Face Trio, mixing it with water to get a creamy paste (I use it as an exfoliator and mask about twice a week). I keep my skin moisturised with the Global Face Serum both morning and night, and apply Global Treasures balm on the eye and neck area daily. When my skin feels dry and parched, I double up by applying the balm as a night treatment before going to bed. I love to be able to use the same products for several purposes, and it especially makes it easier when I travel.

You’re also a successful makeup artist - why did you decide to create a skincare line instead of makeup?

My approach to makeup has always been about natural, pretty makeup with emphases on the skin. I love beautiful glowing skin. I believe that’s where it all starts. Plus, it always makes my job as a makeup artist easier. I always say to my clients that skincare truly is the new makeup. When you take care of your skin, you don’t need to cover up with tonnes of makeup. It’s about celebrating our authentic selves and letting our skin glow from within, and I believe you maximise that by using the highest quality ingredients.

What can people expect from your line of products?

People can expect luxurious, ethical, globally-conscious products that not only care for your skin but our environments and how they affect people and communities around the world. It’s a celebration of all beauty. banner_29May17_4

What does ‘natural beauty’ mean to you?

Natural beauty to me means authenticity, awareness, and transparency. I believe it’s about working in harmony with mother nature.

What key ingredients are featured in your products & where do you source them?

Thanaka, which is included in the Global Face Trio, comes from Myanmar. The Burmese women have used Thanaka on their skin for centuries to achieve their clear and beautiful complexion. Our Matcha, included in Global Treasures, is of the best quality. It’s ceremonial grade and is sourced from Japan. Kalahari melon seed oil, which is included in both the Global Baby/Sensitive Serum and Global Treasures, comes from a women’s collective in Namibia. Our fair-trade Baobab oil in the Global Face Serum is of premium quality and comes from a women’s collective in South Africa.

You work very closely with charitable organisations – can you tell us more about this?

We enjoy teaming up with smaller charities that we believe in and think should be highlighted. We give part of our proceeds to them for a period of time. We just started our very first Global Beauty Campaign - #iamglobalbeauty. For every selfie post someone shares on Instagram, we donate $1 to a charity that is very dear to my heart – Change International, which helps empower women and children in need. For us, it’s about bringing more awareness to charities that are improving the lives of people around the world through positive, empowering actions. banner_29May17_2

What advice would you give someone who was just starting their journey into natural products and clean ingredients?

I would recommend looking at the ingredient list of the products you’re using. The more you educate yourself on the toxic ingredients that are out there, the better understanding you’ll have to see what works for you. I always say, if there is a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce, chances are your skin won’t like them.

What has been the best part of founding your brand?

I love the amazing connections I’ve made throughout the years. From retailers to bloggers, to the producers from whom I get my ingredients. It’s been an amazing journey, meeting and getting to know so many incredible, like-minded people. I always love the travel, learning about new ingredients and how they’ve been applied and cherished.

What’s next for Lina Hanson?

I’m working on a couple new products inspired by Scandinavia, and we’re also launching an online marketplace called Bazaar, which features one-of-a-kind unique artisanal items that I discover on my travels.

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