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Honoré des Prés is the first line of French organic scents designed by the legendary Olivia Giacobetti. The result is a range of 100% natural, beautifully scented Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette using entirely raw and botanical ingredients. The decadent collection was founded by Christian David (also the founder of luxury nail brand Kure Bazaar) and we recently caught up with him to find out more about the enchanting collaboration. What inspired you to create Honoré des Prés? It all started with a love for nature and for natural products. To explain to the whole world that at this time it's possible to smell a real flower in your perfume and not just a compilation of chemicals. We created Honoré des Prés to answer a demand from consumers around the world to wear intimate fragrances that are natural, a true alternative to classical perfumery…and importantly a natural perfume that performs without compromise.
portrait_01Feb17_1 The legendary Olivia Giacobetti
Honoré des Prés is described as the world’s most eco-friendly perfumery - what do you do differently from other brands to achieve this? It was difficult and at the same time exciting to be one of the first to launch an eco-friendly perfume. The greatest difficulty was having to formulate without the use of synthetic molecules in the composition of fragrances. In the "bio" world for "certified natural ingredients" there are very few, so we had access to a very limited palette of notes. We worked hard for two years to develop the Honoré des Prés formulas using only natural raw materials and absolutely no synthetic molecules. Our perfumes are perfect for perfume fans that do not want or can’t have the level of synthetic chemicals found in most perfumes. The line of perfumery is created by the legendary Olivia Giacobetti, how did she go about creating the beautiful scents for Honoré des Prés? Olivia is among the top international perfumers and has created fragrances for Guerlain, Diptyque, Costes and L`artisan Parfumeur among others. Olivia has her reputation more than fulfilled. From the beginning Olivia Giacobetti was our first choice of perfume ‘nose’, not only is she one of the world’s top perfume noses but she has a special sensitivity towards nature and a perfumery styles that are very intimate, elegant and chic. Her creative spirit was perfect for Honoré des Prés, working with Olivia was a magical encounter! The packaging of coffee cups and jam jars is very unique, what was the inspiration behind this? You know, sometimes the story is written for you…one day in New York after a coffee & cupcake at Magnolia Bakery in the West Village, the artistic Director of Honoré des Prés looked over at me, showed me my coffee cup in my hand, smiled and said, “It will be the packaging for the NY Collection.” On this night, when I took my flight from JFK to Paris with this paper cup in my hand, I was so happy and excited because I knew now that this paper cup would be a part of the future. Six months later, we launched the New York collection with a big Carrots party (Love les Carottes Eau de Parfum)! The jam jars of Honoré des Prés tell the story of our natural perfumes. Made with love and simple, pure ingredients…the fragrances are all works of art in glass. The range is certified by Ecocert, was this an important goal when you started to create the range? Working with a raw perfume materials company in Grasse, known for some of the most luxurious and finest quality natural fragrance materials in the world, we were able to create the natural ingredients that would fit the Ecocert label and authenticate the natural credentials of Honoré des Prés. banner_01Feb17_1 Perfume must have staying power, which is notoriously hard with natural perfumes, how did you get around this problem? We definitely challenged the hugely talented Olivia Giacobetti to develop a collection of pure, natural ingredients. Thanks to the work and experience of Olivia, each fragrance has a dominant note, more concentrated than the other, fixing and characterising the composition. In Sexy Angelic Eau de Toilette, for example, it is the almond iris to create a deliciously sweet aroma, in Nu Green Eau de Toilette it is a simple yet extraordinary composition that evokes ‘freshness’ without being too herbaceous. The scents of Honoré des Prés are all works of art. When you smell these aromas no one has an excuse not to go `green`! Do you have a favourite scent from the collection? For me, the perfume has to be very feminine and sensual to increase the personality of women but it can be very light and intimate to propose a new way of pureness and philosophy …. these two opposites are the core of the Honoré des Prés House, the sensual Vamp à NY Eau de Parfum (also loved by Jessica Alba) and the purity of Nu Green from the first collection. These are two of my favourites! How would you like to see Honoré Des Prés develop in the future? It’s like a dream…I just know that we write the story of Honoré des Prés and everything that happens is like a new page of the book. The perfume world is so magical…and the natural one will be emotional.

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