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Established in 2015, Henné Organics' vision was to introduce a splash of luxury into the everyday. Founder Laura Xiao stopped by to tell us what inspired her to start her brand and why looking after your lips is so important. Was introducing modern, eco-luxury into everyday basics your main goal when starting the brand? That was definitely a major part of it. After moving to different countries for several years, I learned that scaling down to the basics was a necessity. However, I still wanted those essentials to have a high-end aesthetic so I could experience moments of luxury and self-care every day. The other main goal was to make the cleanest lip products on the market. I want customers to have access to the natural and organic products that help heal their skin rather than harm it. Where does the name 'Henné Organics' come from? “Henné” actually means “Her” in Swedish. I wanted to dedicate the brand to the modern woman as well as pay homage to our Swedish roots through the name and aesthetics. Why the focus on lips in particular? Initially, the idea of launching lip products came as a necessity. I relocated from Sweden to Nevada and my skin didn't acclimatise well to the desert climate. My lips were suffering the worst and the organic lip balms I purchased weren’t moisturizing enough to deal with the dryness here in Nevada, so I started making my own. I also believe that lip care is a perfect (and simple) entry point for those who are trying to transition to green beauty and skincare. It’s inevitable that you will end up consuming a bit of whatever you put on your lips through eating, drinking, etc. The amount of chemicals ingested is startling high. Our Henné lip gems are an easy way for women to switch to natural, as they can have beautiful products that look just as chic as Chanel or Dior but without sacrificing their health. Can you tell us a little bit about the ingredients you use in the exfoliators, balms and tints? I like to follow the ethos of ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to our ingredients. There are no unnecessary filler ingredients in our products. I’ve made sure that each ingredient is of the highest quality and most efficacious that I can source. Natural and organic ingredients are so wonderfully healing and nourishing and I hope that through Henné, others will discover that as well. At Naturisimo we believe that writing your goals down gives you a greater chance of success. I know that setting out your goals is something that you also advocate. How does visualisation help you with this? Coming from a sports background, I’m accustomed to goal-setting and visualization, but I believe it can work wonders for everyone. For daily or weekly, I tend to focus on having a schedule and checklist of tasks that need to be done. I set monthly, quarterly and annual goals (both business and personal), but I usually update these goals on a bi-weekly basis as things are changing all the time. Do you have plans to expand the range? Absolutely. We’ve got some exciting products in the pipeline that we plan to launch this year, so stay tuned!

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