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Meet The Maker: Fresh Therapies

  • 3 min read
Created with the mantra that we already have the ingredients we need to live a happy, healthy life without having to turn to synthetic chemicals to create beauty products, Fresh Therapies has created the natural solution to removing nail polish. Using only vegetable and plant based materials, you will find no nasties in their amazingly effective formula. We caught up with founder Nicola Dickinson to find out more. What inspired you to create Fresh Therapies? I’ve been a beauty therapist for over 16 years and when I decided to open up my own treatment room I found organic products. They were quite the buzz in 2006 and not many people knew that much about them including myself. I’d dreamt of being a herbalist, but never had the time for the training, so for me this was the next best thing. The more I looked into the ingredients in products the more I felt strongly about only using organic products in my treatments. Not only did it help set me apart from other salons it also gave the clients a new avenue to explore. When it came to finding a nail polish remover I looked really hard and at the time there were none available. So with help from the right people my natural nail polish remover was born and the name Fresh Therapies carried over to the products. We love that you use plant and vegetables based ingredients, how do these favour in comparison with chemical based nail polish removers? Making sure the ingredients are as natural as possible has really helped so many people, which I love. Its enabled people with very sensitive skin to now start wearing nail polish, as the conventional removers were causing the skin reactions. Pregnant ladies whom wish to avoid harsh chemicals now feel more comfortable using a remover. Some ladies will change their nail polish colour a few times a week so using an acetone based remover could potential be quite drying to their nails. So producing a natural based remover has proved to help in many ways. banner_21Oct16_1 Does your formula work on any kind of nail polish? As far as I’m aware yes it does, I’ve tested it on many of the big brand names, I’ve not personally come across a nail polish brand it doesn’t work with and no one has reported back either. It does take a little longer on stubborn glitter type polishes, but it will remove them. However, it does not work with any type of false nail coatings like Gelish, Shellac etc. How can people expect their hands to feel after using your nail polish remover? Many people comment on this and almost all say how much their nails feels moisturised and not dry and harsh as before. The skin around the nails doesn’t feel so dry and you don’t get the white paste look on the nails after use, as you can with other removers. What has been the most rewarding aspect of running Fresh Therapies? I’ve attended many events and trade shows. On several occasions I’ve had people specifically come and find me to say thank you for producing my remover. They’ve mentioned how it’s improved their lives and made them feel that little bit more feminine again because they can now wear nail polish. Its really quite heart warming. I used to do voluntary work at a local cancer support centre and one lady said she hadn’t worn nail polish for 15 years because she had an allergy to polish removers. She was over the moon and it really did bring a tear to my eye. banner_21Oct16_2 Do you have a number one beauty essential? That’s a tricky one. But if I could only choose one it would have to be Bodhi and Birches, Bath and Shower Therapy Jasmine Falls. Jasmine is one of my favourite aroma’s and this is one of the only products I’ve found that actually smells so intensely of Jasmine I hide it in the cupboard so no one else can use it! Do you have any plans to extend your brand into nail polishes? No unfortunately not. This sector of the nail care industry is really huge and to be honest I don’t feel there is much that can be improved on in the polish sector. I have thought about bringing out a capsule/classic range with 5-8 colours maybe, the trouble is I can never decide which colours to include. One day I might start asking ladies for their preferences. So I’m not saying never, you should never say never.

Fresh Therapies natural nail polish remover and wipes are available here: Fresh Therapies


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