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Dominika Minarovic co-founder of the dynamic duo behind BYBI Beauty sat down with us to share the main source of inspiration behind the brand as well as her environmentally friendly personal & business practices which help to reduce human destruction of our environment. What does BYBI stand for? Can you talk us through the thought process in deciding this name? BYBI stands for By Beauty Insiders because we are beauty bloggers, formulators, and consumers and create products based on what we want and what we know doesn’t yet exist. We wanted a name that was a nod to the fact that we started on the other side of the fence, as it were. Can you tell us what ignited the start of the BYBI Beauty story? BYBI Beauty was born last August, out of the idea that natural brands generally don't speak to a young, mainstream audience that still wants to buy really great, good-looking beauty products. BYBI is a brand doesn't compromise on efficacy and still looks great on your bathroom shelf. Where did the inspiration come from to create a natural beauty content platform? The catalyst was really a dissatisfaction with what was currently on offer in mainstream beauty: a lack of transparency, water down, filled out products. We decided to start making our own and we found quite quickly that natural ingredients provided the best results. We shared this journey across our platform and continue to raise awareness for consumers to demand better products. On Clean Beauty Co, what are the kind of topics you try to raise awareness to? We still do a lot of DIY beauty and encourage customisation, but we write about general trends in the industry, we review a lot of brands particularly makeup brands in our quest to find the best, we also write a lot about ingredients and formulation. What keeps you up at night? Running a business (or two at that) generally gives me enough to occupy my mind. Other than that, I’m personally concerned with plastic waste and generally human destruction of the environment. I’m always thinking of ways as a business we can help alleviate that strain, and discovering the sugarcane plastic that our Babe Balm and Prime Time are housed in was a great moment, it’s biodegradable and made from renewable materials that help offset carbon emissions. The global skincare market has seen a rise of 100% Natural & Vegan brands, what innovative ways would you say sets BYBI apart from the rest? We try to be innovative in our formulations and make sure that natural brands aren’t branded as basic or ineffective. We’ve seen the best results from switching to natural, but there are misconceptions about performance. We tend to stick to anhydrous, oil-based formulations, but you’ll notice we’re always experimenting with textures so that a cabinet of oil-based products doesn’t just mean a bunch of nut smelling oily serums.

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