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Meet the Maker: Bloom and Blossom

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Bloom and Blossom is a British beauty brand created by sister-in-law's Julia Yule and Christina Moss, for new mothers and babies. They always wanted to have their own brand, develop a range and see their products on the shelves of favourite stores. Bloom and Blossom was the duo's vision - a sophisticated, natural, solution-focused skincare range, suitable for pregnancy and baby. Each product has a natural, chemical free and gentle formula that uses the minimum number of high-quality ingredients to achieve maximum results. We sat down with them to talk motherhood, natural ingredients, and find out their top tips for new mums.

Why do you think it's so important for new mums (and established ones!) to know what they're putting on their child's skin?

It is imperative! Ingredients for us are the absolute hero, particularly where your little ones are concerned, and for us, every ingredient in our products counts. Our products clearly state the percentage of naturally derived ingredients, they highlight the hero ingredients, and of course, list everything so you always know exactly what you are putting on to you and your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is 3 to 5 times thinner than adults – so you really should make sure you look for ingredients that won't irritate your child’s delicate skin.

You use a high level of active ingredients in the range, can you tell us a bit about the benefits of these?

We use the highest levels of active ingredients where possible – all our products are completely safe for use during pregnancy and for your baby. We are an ingredients led, solution-focused skincare range – and our active ingredients are responsible for delivering great results. When setting up the company we knew our customer would be looking for solution-focused products – they need to work, to refresh, to hydrate, to moisturise, to soothe, to relax and to condition the skin and body.

We love that your packaging is fully recyclable and your cardboard FSC certified & carbon neutral - was this just a natural consequence of your brand ethos feeding into all areas of the business?

This was such an important part of the brand growth – when we set up the company we wrote a one-pager on what, where and how we wanted our company to grow and we have stuck to this. Our brand ethos is our foundation and what our customers buy in to. As mothers, we know our ethos is an important one.

What would be your number one top tip for new mums?

Don’t forget yourself in all of this. As a mother you quickly shift your focus, so don’t forget about ‘you’ – you are no good to anyone, including your children, if you are a shell of a woman! Take some time to restore yourself if necessary – anything from a child-free hairdressers appointment to a quick coffee and croissant (without sticky chocolate fingers). It is like a reboot and does you the world of good (we should know as we have 5 children between us and only just out of the mountain of nappies!).

Will you be adding any new products to the line in the near future?

We are very excited to be launching a new range of products in early 2018 – we really can’t say much more now but as mothers and business owners – we are meeting a need and are excited to be able to bring this to market.

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