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How do you fall in love with drinking water? You drink from a bkr bottle, that's how! bkr has gained a dedicated following, earning its reputation as a coveted beauty essential and the solution to staying hydrated. Created by close friends Tal Winter and Kate Cutler who were young lawyers living and loving life in San Francisco who knew that the key to flawless beauty was a bottle of water. However they realised the trashy disposable plastic bottles they were drinking from did not match the chic life they were living. They set out to create a product which could be loved, that was beautiful and something you could not live without; from this dream the bkr bottles were born. We caught up with Kate & Tal recently to discuss the rise of the bkr bottle and how it could change the way you drink water forever. Why was bkr created & how did plastic disposable bottles become a no-go in your lives? We always knew that the prescription for gorgeous skin is sleep and water but we found ourselves drinking from tons of ugly plastic disposable water bottles. It didn’t make sense that intelligent, sophisticated, cultured people like us were blindly buying disposable plastic bottles that harm our bodies and the earth. We couldn’t find a reusable bottle we loved so we decided to make exactly the bottle we wanted - something beautiful, effortless and chic. We knew if we wanted it, other people would too. If you could only tell someone three points about the bkr bottle and the importance of drinking water, what would you tell them? Water is the foundation of your beauty regimen. If you’re even 2% dehydrated it shows on your skin. You need to be drinking water constantly and if you’re in love with your water bottle you will. There's some magic to the bkr that you won't get from anything else. Our customers tell us they're “addicted” “obsessed” ---before drinking water was a “chore” but now “it’s a joy”. They tell us they bring their bkr everywhere and they're drinking more water than ever before. We're helping people say no to the disposable lifestyle — there is something amazing about having fewer things and only things you love. People tell us they haven’t bought a single plastic water bottle since they got their bkr.
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Where do you find inspiration for each unique colour design? We’re inspired by fashion: partially from the catwalk but also by what’s happening in the world now - from art to street chic. People love that we share the inspiration on our site - every colour has a name and a story and this also makes people fall in love with their bkr. As joint founders, who is in charge of what at bkr? We like to say Tal is the brand voice and Kate is the brand protector. Tal leads the creative direction - her focus is on the brand, product innovation and customer engagement. Kate focuses on strategic growth and distribution ensuring that bkr remains true to the brand, philosophy and mission. Kate also manages bkr’s international expansion -- this year bkr will be in 16 countries. bkr has been spotted in the hands of A-list stars & fashion icons around the world – have you got a bkr into the hands of your heroes yet? When we see celebs like Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Alba carrying around bkrs it’s pretty surreal but honestly it’s just as exciting when we see a chic woman we don’t know walking down the street with her bkr in hand. And, of course we still dream - we’d love to see Michelle Obama carrying one - smart, stylish, passionate - she really embodies beauty from within. banner_03Jul16_4 bkr has been designed with attention to every little detail, do your daily lives have the same pattern or do you love to let go once the business is done? Both of us are a little detail-obsessed even outside the business - whether it’s hunting for the cutest leather hi-tops, a perfectly made Britz Spritz or the most fabulous place to stay when we travel - but we also let go. Kate has two boys (3 and 7) and often finds herself in PJs playing lego on the floor and Tal is a new mum - and anyone with an infant knows you have to let go sometimes. Before bkr, what was your number one beauty essential? We've always been obsessed with finding the perfect pale pink lip gloss. Do you work with, or plan to work with any programmes to encourage saving water & combat the global water crisis? Yes - giving back is very important. We invest a portion of our proceeds in programmes that combat the global water crisis. We have supported many philanthropic organizations and foundations including the Obakki Foundation, a non-profit organization that uses fashion and creative arts as a fund-raising vehicle to bring water and education to people in Africa.
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bkr bottles are always BPA-free, phthalate-free, they come in three sizes and each season they release limited edition collections, once they're gone they are gone, so if you see one you love be sure to get it quick: Teeny 250ml bkr bottles - The loveliest things come in the smallest packages. Little 500ml bkr bottles - The original obsession. The Little bottles fit in your bag, are perfect for travel and working out. Big 1 Litre bkr bottle - The big boss. Not little, not light but perfect for a yoga class or to keep on your desk. Fall in love with your bkr and shop the full range at Naturisimo here: bkr


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