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Omega 3 brings us its health benefits straight from nature. There are many studies that show how good it is for our hearts, brains and eyes so when Bare Biology founder Mel Lawson couldn't find an Omega 3 supplement that she was happy with, that was strong enough for her, she decided to create her own. Sourcing only the finest, purest and most effective fish oils Lion Heart Pure Omega fish oils and capsules were born. We caught up with founder Mel to talk business and health benefits. What inspired you to create Bare Biology? Most businesses start in the same way – you can’t find a product or service you want, or you can’t find one that meets all your standards, so you decide to do it yourself. And my business is no different. I had been using high strength Omega 3 for my own post natal depression but struggled to find a really good brand here in the UK. I had always wanted my own business, and a job that could be flexible around my three children. So, I bit the bullet back in 2012 and started to do some desk research. One thing led to another and here I am today! Was this a new venture for you, did you have any experience in this industry before hand? This is a totally new venture. I’ve never had my own business or worked in this industry. My background is in advertising; I used to work in an agency in London. I figured I just needed to make an outstanding product that works, make it look beautiful so people would notice it and then tell as many people about it as possible. The concept of business is very simple, the execution – not so much! It’s a lot of hard work. banner_08Jan17_1 What makes Lion Heart Pure Omega 3 stand out against its competitors? Four key things make Lion Heart stand out. The purity – we’re the first UK brand to have IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) certification and we’re the only company that publishes all of our test results. Our products are completely free from heavy metals and other toxins like PCBs. We have the highest concentrations of EPA and DHA (the key Omega 3s you need) on the market – so you get a lot more bang for your buck and you don’t need to guzzle handfuls of capsules. We have super low oxidation levels which means our oils are really fresh, so they don’t taste awful or repeat on you! And lastly, we only use fish gelatin for our capsules (most are made from pork or beef) and we don’t use any additives, just natural lemon oil in our liquids. Omega 3 is well known to have health benefits for our hearts and minds - what other benefits does it have for our bodies? The list is endless! But the things most people are interested in are the benefits for the skin. Omega 3 is a powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient, so it calms internal problems that manifest themselves in our skin. Our skin is also partly made of Omega 3, so it literally feeds the cells and the membranes. Allowing them to retain moisture and keep toxins out. People normally notice much plumper, clearer and hydrated skin after just a week or two. Where are your fish oils sourced? Our oils only come from wild anchovies, sardines and mackerel – usually from around Peru. We also have very strict rules about only using sustainably certified fisheries and we don’t use farmed fish. Our oils are purified in Norway, the experts in making the best fish oils. banner_08Jan17_3 Can anyone start to take the fish oil? Yes indeed. Anyone from the age of around 6 months. It’s great for every life stage. It helps babies’ and childrens’ brains and eyes develop properly, it helps mum and baby during pregnancy – particularly with brain health and it helps teenagers with hormonal and skin problems. In our twenties and thirties it helps keep our skin healthy and beautiful, keep our joints flexible and our brains healthy. It’s also incredible for our hearts, so it’s a great one for all ages. Do you plan to extend the brand to other supplements or products? I do, but the products are still in development. I will only launch products I truly believe in and are the best I can find. For the moment I’m focusing on establishing our brand in the Omega 3 space, then I’ll look at extending the range in the next few years.

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