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Meet The Maker: Alexis Smart

  • 3 min read
After years of treating clients in her private flower remedy practice, and seeing them heal from issues they thought were impossible to overcome, Alexis Smart was inspired to share the benefits of her formulas with everyone. The link between emotional disharmony, physical illness and the miracle of healing when balance is restored, is at the heart of her remedies. These are created using organic, biodynamic and wild harvested flowers from the English Countryside. Here we catch up with Alexis to find out more about her range of flower essence formulas and how they help to reconnect us with happiness and peace of mind. What was the driving force behind creating Alexis Smart Healing Flower Remedies? I saw such a remarkable improvement in my clients who came for custom blended flower remedies, I wanted to offer the benefits of the one-on-one experience to everyone. Who can use your range of products? Anyone who feels they need some help. They are very effective to support you during times of extreme stress, but you don’t need to be in a crisis to benefit. You can use the formulas as a tool to manifest positive things in your life, the same way you go to yoga or eat healthy food. The wonderful thing about them is that they are safe for even the most sensitive individuals, even those who are sensitive to natural remedies. They don’t interfere with medication or other healing modalities and they are safe for babies and pregnant/ or nursing mums. Alexis Smart Why was it important to you to create a natural brand, over something more conventional? In the past, what had made me the most ill was actually conventional medicine. It took years to undo the damage caused by overuse of antibiotics, steroid asthma inhalers and harsh skin products. What healed me profoundly were the flower remedies, and so when I made my product, I wanted to maintain that integrity of purity by pairing the flower essences with high-vibration biodynamic brandy and artesian water. I’m actually grateful for those health problems because they taught me that I had the power to heal myself and inspired me to teach others to do the same. What do you think makes your brand stand out? All of my formulas were made by testing them on myself and my clients for years, and fine tuning them until they were perfect. They are not based on theory or what I read from books. I often have one essence in each formula that might not make sense, but is a key ingredient that will be the catalyst in a lasting healing from chronic issues. It’s something you would only know about from experience. Why did you take the decision to not use plastic in the production & storage of your products? The negative effect of plastic on the earth and our own inner eco systems such as endocrine or hormone disruption made it absolutely off limits for the line. Alexis Smart Ingredients What are your top beauty / wellbeing rituals? I like to go to the Korean hot springs to soak and sweat out toxins and get a body scrub, yoga and ballet class a few times a week and I generally try to follow the Blood Type Diet and avoid gluten and use green powder in my smoothies. They really help keep my skin clear. And, I can’t stay away from Beauty Formula No. 8. What have the highlights and challenges been of building your own brand? The highlights are just hearing that I have helped someone. That’s the best part. Getting an email from a stranger who has opened up to me about healing from years of grief, trauma or feeling confident for the first time. The biggest challenge was that I have been a one woman show from the beginning and when too many things, even opportunities, would come at me, I could become easily overwhelmed. I have learned that, working for myself, I have to just do what I can every day. It’s kept me in the moment and reminds me to be more gentle with myself. What do you want your brand to accomplish in the next year? I would like the brand to continue its journey across the globe, because the more people I help, the better the world will be.

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