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Meet The Maker: African Botanics

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Inspired by the exceptional beauty and floral wealth in South Africa, Craig and Julia Noik launched African Botanics in 2012 after years of extensive research. With the desire to create a range of products using the finest and most potent African botanicals available, their range of skin and wellbeing products work to counter the damaging effects caused to the skin by ageing, lifestyle and the modern environment. We speak here with the passionate founders about their love for South Africa and their star ingredient, Marula Oil. What inspired you to create African Botanics? Our inspiration for African Botanics came from our travels throughout South Africa, its pure natural environment and rich plant heritage. We wanted to capture the unique beauty of different eco-systems in our formulas.
portrait_09Nov16_1 Craig & Julia Noik
How have you encapsulated African traditions in your range? Many of the ingredients we incorporate have medicinal properties and have been used by different African tribes for many centuries. We put extensive research into these ingredients and their traditional uses, making sure that they are sustainable. We also work with local botanists to make sure we utilise the best ingredients. Your ingredients are sourced from various areas of Africa, can you tell us about these diverse environments and what you source there? South Africa is home to its own floral kingdom and seven different eco-systems. Our ingredients come from the land, sea, desert, savanna and minerals from deep within the earth. We source plant extracts, roots, essential oils, exotic seed oils and butters, they all come directly from the wilderness or small rural communities. Do you work closely with communities in Africa who are involved in the creation of African Botanics? Absolutely, we work directly with our producers and love having a personal relationship with the communities. We buy directly from the source, this way we know we are getting the best quality and the freshest ingredients. Marula Oil, our star ingredient comes from the rural communities which are located in complete wilderness. The special trees in those areas produce the best Marula fruit in the country, thanks to it’s geographical position and unique soil. banner_09Nov16_2 What do we need to know about Marula Oil? What makes it such a precious ingredient? Marula Oil is multi-tasking and loaded with many active antioxidants. 78% of our Marula Oil consists of Oleic Acid (Omega 9), which makes the oil very light and super absorbent. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds in Marula Oil make it suitable for all skin types, including problematic, oily, sensitive and sun damaged skin. Unlike other oils on the market, Marula Oil is very stable, which means that antioxidants remain more potent and alive for very long periods of time, effectively protecting skin from ageing free radicals, pollution and the environment. Marula Oil softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and calms redness and sensitivity. Apart from Marula Oil, what other stand out ingredients are included in your body and skincare? Kalahari Melon seed and Baobab Oils. Resurrection Plant, Green Rooibos tea extract and African Aloe Ferox just to name a few. They are all South African and each one has it’s unique skincare properties and benefits. banner_09Nov16_3 Is the range suitable for anybody? Our products work well on even the most sensitive skin type that needs extra attention. The range has many products targeted towards skin inflammation and skin regeneration. African Botanics was designed for every modern individual who is trying to balance their lifestyle and needs that extra special “me time”, there is a lot of attention towards overall wellness. As an LA based company, do you get to go back to Africa as often as you like for more inspiration? South Africa is our second home and we travel there at least twice a year, for work, production and to see our family. What’s next for African Botanics? We will be expanding the line next year with new skincare products. You will also see a few additions into our wellness category very soon!

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