Could Mandarin Oil Give You Your Best Skin Ever?

Could Mandarin Oil Give You Your Best Skin Ever?
When it comes to ingredients, Balmology uses only the highest quality organic plant and essential oils, each specifically chosen for their gentle yet effective natural emollient, protective and regenerative properties. So when we wanted to learn more about Mandarin oil, founder Catherine was the first person we called. Have you ever wondered why you get showered with a fine spray every time you peel a citrus fruit? This fragrant mist is not the juice from the fruit, it is, in fact, the oil being expelled under pressure from tiny glands in the citrus peel! Citrus oils are considered mood boosters and perhaps not surprisingly described as the ‘happy’ oils. One of the sweetest and most calming of all the citrus oil family is Mandarin (Citrus reticulate). Both the fruit and its oil are used extensively in the food industry, perfumery and cosmetics making. Mandarin oil is commercially expressed from the outer peel by cold pressing. It takes approximately 700 to 800 kg of fruit to produce just one kg of essential oil. Depending on the stages of maturity three kinds of essential oil are produced from the same fruit. Green mandarin is produced from small, immature fruits that are still green. Yellow mandarin is produced at the next stage of maturity, while Red mandarin essential oil is extracted from the mature fruit. It is said the fruit gained its name when imported from China to England in 1805 – inspired by the bright orange robes worn by the Mandarins, the high ranking public officials of imperial China. The Mandarin fruit is now cultivated all around the world but it is said that Italy has the soil and climate to produce some of the finest citrus oils and where we have chosen to source the organic Mandarin essential oil for our range. Mandarin oil features in the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm, Beauty Balm and as a key ingredient in the Post-shave Balm. Widely used in many skin care products, our specific interest lies in its cleansing, antibacterial and cytophylactic properties…


One of the main constituents of Mandarin oil is Limonene, a citrus terpene with excellent cleansing benefits. It effectively removes the dead cells that accumulate, leading to brighter skin. In addition, the astringent properties help tone and reduce the appearance of visible pores.


Mandarin oil has been found to have antibacterial properties which help fight the bacteria that can cause acne, spots and other infections.


The Cytophylactic properties of Mandarin mean the oil can stimulate the regeneration and growth of new cells. By encouraging the formation of new healthy cells, the texture is improved and skin may appear more youthful. Mandarin is a lovely oil to boost skin radiance.

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