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Mallow & White believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and we could not agree more. Their minimalist products ensure your skin is treated the way it should be, by including only what your skin needs and saying no to everything else. We've taken 10 minutes out of founder Joanna Whites day of hand blending her products to find out how after only launching 5 months ago, Mallow & White is already winning awards... Mallow + White is new to the natural beauty scene, can you tell us for those who have not heard of your brand yet, what is Mallow + White all about? Mallow and White is all about beautiful simplicity. Each product contains six ingredients or less, and I believe that these beautifully simple recipes help contribute to simply beautiful skin. It certainly works for me and my customers! portrait_18022016_1What was the first ever home made skin product you created? Olive oil soap. Again, it was a really simple recipe (can you see a theme developing?) with just three ingredients. But what a revelation! My skin was less irritated, more moisturised and felt softer. That was my Eureka moment! Sometimes less really is more. I didn't need ingredients lists as long as my arm to make beautifully effective skincare. What is a typical day like at Mallow + White? I'm a mum to two school age girls, so my day starts with ensuring they go off to school well fed and happy. Next job is walking my dog. Fresh air, chirping birds and spring sunshine ensure I start work on a natural high. I have a lovely studio workshop at the end of our garden where I immerse myself for a lot of the day, mixing and making. It really doesn't feel like work. I love it. Mallow + White is split into three ranges; Restore, Revitalise & Soothe. Could you tell us a little a bit about each range and which skin type suites each range? We launched with a capsule range of three facial oils and three face masks and each is suitable for different skin types. The Restore range contains balancing, toning and moisturising ingredients particularly good for normal-dry skin, the Revitalise range is full of nourishing and smoothing ingredients for more mature skin (aged 40+) and the Soothe range is chosen where every ingredient is calming for sensitive skin. I am planning some exciting new additions to complement each range later on in the year. You hand make all of your products, could you tell us a bit about making your favourite item? My favourite product has to be Restore facial oil. It has been a firm favourite with customers since I created it 6 years ago. I love the process of blending all of the oils together and thinking about how their individual qualities combine to make something special to bless each person who uses it. Each bottle is handmade in small batches with an abundance of love. banner_180216_1 The ‘Mallow’ part of your name comes from Marshmallow Root – how did you choose this one ingredient for your brand name? The wonderful marshmallow root has a healing tradition that goes back over 2,500 years. It has been used over the centuries for soothing, healing and protecting against all kinds of ailments. As Mallow + White is plant based skincare, I wanted a name that reflected the wonderful potent power of plants. Mallow just worked. 10% off your profits are generously given towards the charity Kiva. What will your donations be going towards and how did Kiva become close to your heart? Kiva gives micro loans to low-income entrepreneurs around the world. I am currently helping various women, including Agnes in Uganda to purchase eggs, sugar and water for her shop so she can support her young family. I lived in South Africa for a year working on a community project in the townships, and have also worked in an orphanage in Romania. I was very touched by the people I met, and love being able to give something back through Mallow + White. What a privilege. banner_180216_2 What are your number one beauty and number one wellness essentials? Jojoba oil, green tea, regular exercise. What has been the highlight of your time with Mallow + White so far? We launched just 5 months ago and already we have won a “Best of 2016” platinum award by the natural product key influencer Janey Lee Grace for our Restore Face Mask & before we re-branded as Mallow + White I won Silver at the 'Free From' Awards in 2015 for my Facial Oil - which is now my Restore Facial Oil, with exactly the same formula. The amazing feedback for Mallow + White has exceeded all of my expectations. Just thinking about it makes me smile. You can join Joanna on her journey to making beauty simple by checking out the Restore, Revitalise and Soothe range here from Mallow + White.


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