It's So Easy Being Green

It's So Easy Being Green
Green beauty has never been as exciting or as effective as it is today. The formulas, pigmentation, lasting power and success can rival many conventional brands which line our high streets and department stores. However there are still whispers amongst the outer circle of the green beauty community that it does not work as well, it's more expensive, it's too hard to get hold of or it doesn't last as long. However, we know this isn't the case! Opening your eyes to a new world of green, organic and natural beauty will open up a whole new array of beauty products to fall in love with. 'Green' brands have been around for years, but it's only been in the recent years that the wider community are waking up and becoming aware of the way in which beauty can not just affect us, but the planet we live in too. Green brands are not just looking at the ingredients we put on our skin and how this affects our health but also how their products are packed, where their ingredients are sourced, asking whether the farmers producing the natural ingredients are being paid a fair wage and ensuring there is no exploitation in any part of the process. They consider the effects of testing on animals, with many green brands also now opting towards completely vegan formulas, eliminating not just testing on animals but any animal based ingredients completely such as carmine and beeswax. And last but not least, green brands advocate and practise the importance of transparency in their brands. There are no hidden nasties, no hidden agendas and you simply know what it is you are buying. If you come across a brand which is not transparent in their manufacturing processes, ingredients or sourcing then consider shopping elsewhere. The beauty world is shockingly unregulated, any brand can use the word 'natural' or 'organic' across their labels even if the product contains as little as 1% of that ingredient. Brands are supposed to only use the term 'organic' when there is 70% more organic content in the product, but with no regulatory standard in place, this word is free for all. The best thing to do is read your ingredients list carefully in order to avoid the harmful chemicals and get on the road to a green lifestyle! Now saying all that, how simple is it switching from a conventional beauty routine to a greener lifestyle? Very simple we say! We would recommend switching one product at a time, so don't go emptying your bathroom shelves or dressing table in one full sweep into the bin - that's just wasteful and that's not what 'being green' is about. These are just some of the beauty products which work hard to give beauty a good name to get you started on your beauty swaps. banner_18Jan17_5

Seriously Good Skincare

Moisturiser: Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream: We're kicking off with this suitable for everyone moisturiser from Pai Skincare. Many people will go on a search for more natural skincare if their skin is sensitive or if they discover they are allergic to certain chemicals or ingredients which are found in everyday beauty products. Pai Skincare was specifically created to help those who suffer from sensitive and redness prone skin. However, their target audience is open to all and everyone can benefit from this brand. This particular day cream is packed with antioxidants and Omegas 3,6, 7 and 9 which work together to protect and soothe the skin in one luxurious formula. Not only is it suitable for all skin types, the luxury skincare product doesn't come with a luxury price tag (£34.00), it's 100% natural, certified organic and suitable for vegans. Cleanser: Inlight Face Cleanser: Another wonder product which is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive or skin prone to redness. This is a 100% natural and 100% organic product, something that Inlight are very proud of, and rightly so! Having a product which is 100% organic is harder to come by, this cleanser does not contain any water (which can never be an organic ingredient as it's not agricultural) so they pack it out with organic ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, lavender oil, ginger root extract, rose hip extract and several other beneficial oils. This balmy, oil based cleanser is remarkable at removing stubborn makeup, including around the eye area, without aggravating the skin and moisturises all at the same time! This is certified organic by the Soil Association, cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians. Exfoliator: Nourish Kale Enzymatic Cleanser: This exfoliating cleanser is just what your skin needs if you have no time for a multiple step skincare regime. The 3-in-1 formula cleanses, exfoliates and can be used as a facial mask all in one. You will be left with smoother, brighter looking skin with the non-abrasive formula. The 100% natural product contains 81% organic ingredients including organic kale to increase the skin's suppleness and pomegranate enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin. It is certified organic by the UK Soil Association, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. At £16.50 for an abundance of natural and organic ingredients and multiple uses, this is a sure thing for your bathroom! banner_18Jan17_4

Marvellous Make Up

Foundation: Dr Hauschka Foundation: This is skincare and makeup rolled into one. The formula is made up of high-quality plant oils, waxes and medicinal plant extracts. This blend of ingredient pampers your skin, whilst helping retain moisture and protecting against environmental agitators. The 100% natural foundation conditions your skin with coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil and is, again, suitable for vegans! At £30, that'll give your high-end brands a run for their money too! Mascara: RMS Beauty Defining Mascara: Mascara is one item in which green beauty took a little while to catch up on in terms of performance. Many conventional mascaras contain ingredients such as parabens (preservative linked to cancer), aluminium powder (used as a colourant and rated as a high concern by the cosmetic database) and propylene glycol (linked to severe skin reaction in some cases). Natural alternatives, such as the RMS Defining Mascara, contain antioxidant-rich ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables which give the same effects as a commercial mascara would, whilst nourishing and protecting your lashes. This mascara is at the higher price point end for a mascara at £24.00, however, it contains 100% natural ingredients and won't leave you flaky, smudged or with clumps on your lashes! Lipstick: Living Nature Lipstick: Living Nature has a great range of makeup and are backed strongly by the green beauty crowd, so you won't be left disappointed with the quality. What really makes them stand out is their latest lipsticks. Living Nature has created two 100% natural, carmine-free red lipsticks. In an extremely high number of lipsticks, you will find on the high street the red pigment will be created from carmine, which is the shell of the cochineal beetle and in order to extract the colour, the insect is killed. The difficulty for green and cruelty-free brands was to develop a pigment which was just as strong as those in conventional lipsticks (which may also contain ingredients such as lead!). Living Nature use plant extracts to create the deep-red matte shade Pure Passion & warm classic red Wild Fire. Other ingredients include natural pigments for further colours and nourishing waxes, which help the lipstick glide on effortlessly. banner_06Jan17_4

Best in Bath & Body

Body Moisturiser: Weleda Skin Food: Even the green beauty world has its cult, celebrity favourites and this is the top pick of the bunch! Loved by Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, Adele and Rihanna... who said the best in green beauty had to cost a fortune? This all over body moisturiser targets dry, rough skin and intensely nourishes and hydrates. It contains soothing ingredient rosemary leaf extract, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and organic calendula flower to care for your skin. A little goes a long way with this 100% natural formula and at only £9.95 for 75ml or £6.95 for 30ml, this proves that green beauty is accessible for every budget. Body Wash: Green People Daily Aloe Shower Gel: Body washes are definitely a personal choice, whether you want to go with moisturising, toning, exfoliating or nourishing, the one thing you will find in common with body washes in the green world are they are free from sulphates. These are the chemicals which produce lather and bubbles and the common ones are SLS, sodium lauyl sulfate, and SLES, sodium laureth sulfate. These chemicals strip the skin of its natural oils and can also cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. The Green People Daily Aloe Shower Gel is perfect to start with and will not break your bank as £12.50. It's free from sulphates as well as ethyl alcohol, colourants, fragrances and parabens and suitable for vegans. Bath Oil: Lola's Apothecary Bath & Shower Oil Delicate Romance: This high-quality bath oil will not fail to transform your bath time into something wonderful! A blend of rose, geranium, sandalwood, grape seed oil and sweet almond oil creates a warm and uplifting experience. This is a decadent treat of 100% natural, vegan ingredients and at £34.00 your bath time will forever be extra special! banner_18Jan17_6

Gorgeous Hair Care

Shampoo: Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo: As with body wash, you will (or should) find a lack of sulphates in your hair care! This can take a little getting used to, not having a soapy, bubbly head when you begin to wash your hair, but this doesn't mean it's not working! Evolves Superfood Shampoo & Superfood Conditioners are formulated with natural cleansers and sugar and coconut which gently exfoliate the scalp. It's magic ingredient is baobab proteins which are sustainably derived from the baobab tree. It works by intensely protecting each strand of hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain over 98% natural ingredients, contain 70% organic ingredients and are priced between £12 and £14. So once again, these will rival any high-end hair care item, with much cleaner results! Conditioner: A'kin Avocado & Calendula Conditioner: Avocado is not just wonderful on toast! A'kin use plant proteins to seal in moisture to every strand of hair. The avocado oil is cold pressed in Australia, certified organic and is rich in the complex nutrients hair thrives on. It's suitable for all hair types and perfect once again for vegans! Hair Protection Treatment: Swell Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum: Heat styling protection products was another area of the green beauty world where we were lacking options. Many of these products contain silicones, which wraps itself around the hair to protect it but it can cause build up on the hair, resulting in heavy, greasy, over washed hair stripped off all its natural essential oils. Then along came Swell with their silicone free heat styling protection. This styling sensation contains lightweight Abyssinian oil instead of silicones, which provides the protection against heat. It's also ideal for coloured hair, conceals split ends and adds gloss and shine to your hair. Ditch the silicones in favour of this and at only £20, we don't think this is too much of a stretch for sleek looking hair! This is only the very beginning of what is available to start, or continue, on your green journey! Do some research, remember to read your labels and if you are unsure, ask the brand! Any green beauty brand will be more than happy to discuss and answer your questions - including us!

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