What Are The Top Benefits Of Mineral Makeup?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Mineral Makeup?
Mineral makeup first made its appearance into the beauty world back in the 1970s and has since become a clear choice for beauty addicts, especially those who are looking for a cleaner, greener makeup bag. Mineral makeup very often does not contain harmful or unnecessary additives, and this is why so many brands are releasing their mineral makeup ranges. It's no wonder it is now so readily available; these are just some of the benefits of you and your skin that come with using mineral makeup:
  • It's kind to your skin - usually always free from irritants and chemicals, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It's non-comedogenic, which means it does not block your pores and allows the skin to 'breathe'.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It can offer protection from the sun - mineral powders contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxides which are both found in sunscreen. Although they do provide a level of protection, it is not advisable to rely on this alone, always use sunscreen and mineral powders as a bonus for your skin.
  • Mineral powders stay put! You won't find them running off your skin in the heat, or water and are completely smudge-free.
The mineral range from Inika uses only 100% natural minerals which provide excellent coverage. With the recent addition of new mineral products, including the Inika Baked Mineral Foundation, Baked Mineral Illuminisor and Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows, we caught up with Inika to talk mineral makeup and what's new in their range. Why do you think mineral makeup has become so popular? Mineral make-up has gained popularity because unlike more traditional products, they contain fewer preservatives.They should also be free from nanoparticles and fragrance, which is an important factor for users with sensitive skin and allergies. Many other ingredients such as wax, talc, oil and dye, commonly found in traditional makeup, are absent from most mineral makeup. Mineral make-up is one of the largest current beauty trends, despite it being around for over 30 years. The present trend towards being “green” and using natural ingredients has given new life to mineral cosmetics. When we talk about mineral makeup, this also refers to liquids as well as powders. Are there added benefits to using mineral makeup over non-mineral formulas? Mineral makeup offers purity and breathability. Mineral powder is 100% pure rock derived minerals that contain anti-oxidant properties that benefit the skin. Many women dislike that heavy made up feeling experienced with traditional make-up. INIKA Cosmetics are unique; you can achieve incredible coverage without feeling like you are wearing make-up! For extra peace of mind, all INIKA foundations & INIKA concealers have been Hypo-allergenic & Dermatologist tested, perfect for use on sensitive skin.
banner_30Nov16_3 NEW Inika Baked Mineral Foundation
What are the key ingredients in your new Certified Organic BB Cream Foundation? This 3-in-1 Beauty Balm is a serious multi-tasker - a silky primer, moisturiser and foundation - all in one product. Stand out ingredients include Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Avocado and Jojoba Oils to moisturise and hydrate skin while providing coverage and contains natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to keep skin looking luminous and healthy. The easily blendable texture melts into skin and is suitable for all skin types. Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist tested. The Inika range now includes 'Baked' Mineral Powders, how are these baked? All INIKA Baked Mineral products are baked in Tuscany, Italy on terracotta tiles to create perfectly smooth spheres of colour that blend seamlessly onto the skin. Our baked mineral compacts deliver the healthiness of mineral make-up with the performance of a pressed powder, without the harmful chemicals. Does the formulation differ from the loose mineral powders to the baked versions? Yes, the formula of the Baked powders is slightly different from Loose mineral powder. To assist with shade selection for our INIKA fans, we have matched our Baked Mineral Foundation shades to the Loose Mineral Foundation shades we all know and love.
banner_30Nov16_1 All the benefits of mineral powders, without the loose powder mess - NEW Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo
Inika has re-formulated some of the current products, how have the following items changed?

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