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Much of my time is working with UK and global spas developing treatments and trying to make the most amazing spa journeys for guests. I then train the therapists to do the treatments and continually improve their techniques. I grew up in the professional hair and beauty industry, owned beauty schools teaching people to be therapists, nail techs and massage therapists and now do all of this alongside a dedication to working with organic and natural ingredients only. Pinks Boutique, my brand, is sold only in salons and spas with the exception of Naturisimo, but no other retailers as we are dedicated to our Complete Professional Ethos. When the Naturisimo team told us they were making a Spa Box we jumped at the chance to make you a spa at home concept. Let’s make your bathroom an eco-luxe spa!! Kirstie xx

What you are going to need:

  • Your Naturisimo Spa Kit
  • A genuine time slot where you can play and relax!
  • Kettle
  • Bath (a shower if you don't have one, but bath wins for overall relaxation!)
  • A small bowl and spoon
  • Phone turned off
  • Door locked
  • Clean fluffy freshly washed bath towel and face towel
  • Hairband (if you have long hair)

Optional Extras:

  • Your favourite music
  • Candle
  • Honey or yoghurt (option for Skin & Tonic mask)
  • Pretty petals or foliage of your choice to put in the water. We wouldn’t ever let you have a bath in a spa without putting something to decorate the top of the water. Grab a few rose flower heads and tear off the petals or if you prefer a citrus thinly slice some lemons, limes and oranges. In our Pinks Boutique pedicures, we put fresh mint leaves and lavender in the water as this works amazingly too. Get inventive!

Treatment Procedure:

  • Boil the kettle, choose your favourite cup and make yourself one of your Pukka teas. Presuming this is a night time spa slot (‘twilight spa’ as we call it in the spa world!) I would suggest you save the matcha one as this is a refreshing and energizing tea that should be saved for tomorrow morning at breakfast.
  • Turn off your phone and any other distractions (work, kids, husbands, friends etc)
  • Take yourself, the tea and the small bowl, ideally full of your petals, leaves or fruit for the water, and spoon to the bathroom
  • Remove any makeup and cleanse, ideally double cleanse your skin with your favourite cleansers.
  • Turn on the bath and pour your Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts into the running water. These clever salts help to balance skin pH levels and deeply relax aching muscles.
  • Before you get in you need to choose a mask. The joy of this box is that you have 3 options you could use as a facial mask here. What that essentially means is you are allowed to do a complete re-run of this event twice more!
  • The Skin & Tonic mask needs mixing and this is what you now use your small bowl and spoon for. If you are like me and obsessed by detail then you might want to get yourself a small wooden or coconut spa bowl to really add to the ambience! So, this mask can either be mixed into a paste with 1tsp of warm water, or you can substitute the water with honey or yoghurt (organic only please!)
  • The Tata Harper mask is ‘pre-blended’, which is therapist-speak for you don’t have to mix it. If you choose this one, apply a thick layer over your face. The same goes for the Evolve Mask.
  • Apply them using your fingers, if you have a mask brush you can use that but very often in treatments, we will still use fingers. Upwards strokes only please, no helping gravity. Cover your face and neck, leaving the eye area and lips mask-free.
  • If you still have some honey then spread this on your lips. Honey is a natural humectant - the same concept as glycerine or hyaluronic acid. It steals water from the air and draws it to your skin. Truthfully it doesn’t do it quite as well as the other 2 but it tastes amazing and has lovely healing properties too and it is near your bath so do it!
  • Get in the water and soak.
  • You want to stay in for at least 15 minutes to give time for the mineral crystals and essential oils to soothe, calm and soften your skin. Time wise the Tata Harper mask is meant to stay on for 20 minutes, so keep it on for the whole time you soak, Skin and Tonic suggest 10 minutes for theirs & Evolve 5 minutes for theirs.
  • During your soak time wet your new loofah and massage in circular motions towards the heart. The cotton back is ideal for gentle washing. You can use this with water only or use your favourite body cleanser ensuring you avoid any bath washes with SLS and other nasties.
  • Get out the bath and rinse your mask off. You can take it off in the bath but you have to promise not to use the bath water to do it. Only fresh new water on your visage, please. Masks are always easiest to remove with soft flannels or cloths.
  • Tidy your spa room- make sure you hang your Hydrea loofah to dry naturally using the hanging loop.
  • Take your freshly laundered spa towel and pat yourself dry but don’t go crazy - I want you to leave your skin a little damp, ideally put a dressing gown on.
  • While you dry yourself, make sure you use your towel to push back all your cuticles on your fingers and toes. This is a really effective way to push cuticles, we use it in manicure training alongside all the metal tools and implements. If you do it every day after your shower or bath it makes a huge difference.
  • Before you complete your body treatment we need to sort out the face asap, post-cleansing or masks you don’t want to leave it long before you apply your serums and moisturiser to ensure your most delicate and visible skin is protected.
  • If you have a good natural and or organic face toner use it now.
  • Take the Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Rejuvenating Serum and apply 2-3 drops to the neck and chest and 2-3 drops to the face with strong upwards movements. This serum can go around the eye area too. If your concerns are dehydration or anti-ageing then you can use this every night. If you have oilier skin then use this once a week as a nourishing hydration boost.
  • Then apply your Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost over the serum as your overnight treatment.
  • Back to the body. Choices, choices…. Smooth either your Bodhi & Birch Nordic White Body Oil or Lola’s Apothecary Delicate Romance Balancing Body Soufflé all over your body.
  • Cover your hands and cuticles in your Burt’s Bees Hand Salve. I know it says hands but I would put it on your feet too!
  • Lie down and relax. Make sure you leave your Pukka Clean Matcha Tea in the kitchen for tomorrow morning when you wake up.


As a facialist and supporting over 100 UK spas and their clients, I meet a lot of skins and a lot of skins with sensitivity and reactions. If you are a super sensitive soul then I wouldn’t suggest you use all of these products at once. You are going to have to adjust this guide to create more frequent mini spa sessions and try one thing at a time!

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