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How To: The Perfect Makeup Application Every Time

  • 2 min read
We spoke to the brush experts at BrushCraft to find out how to get the perfect makeup application every time with their unique, vegan brushes. Like all Artis brushes, the BrushCraft by Artis Collection is designed for seamless and gorgeous makeup application. BrushCraft brushes are made with patented NuFibre. This Animal-Free fibre tapers to a microscopic tip, designed to evenly distribute and blend any cosmetic formula without holding on to any product. From foundation to eyeshadow and lips - the BrushCraft Oval 6, Oval 3, Circle 1R and Linear 1 are the only makeup tools you need for a full-face routine.

Oval 6

The Oval 6 is perfect for all applications to larger areas of your face. Start off by dotting on a primer (or moisturiser – Yes, you can use your BrushCraft to apply your skincare!) and use the Oval 6 to blend the product in soft, circular motions. Remember, when using BrushCraft brushes, you need to apply very little pressure for a seamless blend. Glide and blend, never buff or stipple. Follow with your favourite foundation (liquid, powder or cream) and concealer. Finish with blush, contour and highlight, as desired.

Oval 3

For targeted foundation/concealer application, or harder to reach areas of the face, like around the eyes and nose, use the Oval 3 to gently blend the product on the skin. This will be your go-to brush for under-eye concealer. When applying colour all over the eyelid, the Oval 3 is also a great option.

Circle 1R

The dome-shaped fibre bundle of the Circle 1R can blend a soft lip or smoke-out the crease of the eyelid. It’s also the perfect size and shape for concealing a spot or applying focused highlight to the inner corner of the eye.

Linear 1

The thin and compact fibre bundle of the Linear 1 makes it the perfect shape for perfecting your eyebrows. Brush through the brows with any eyebrow product to fill in or simulate individual brow hairs. You can also use the Linear 1 for precise upper and lower lash-lining, including a winged liner effect, or to define the lip shape with liner or concealer. When deciding which brush to use, the general rule is to match your BrushCraft brush to the size and shape of the area of the face you’re working on. Spend some time discovering the techniques that work best for your personal flawless makeup application. At the end of the day, your makeup comes off, so the next day is always a new opportunity to create something beautiful and unique with your BrushCraft brushes. Most importantly, have fun!

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