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My 14 Day 'Detox & Restore' Diary

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GP Nutrition was created to support people who are too busy to see a nutritionist, too busy to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need for the day and for people who have an active lifestyle, something that is very common today. The brand was created by nutritional expert Gabriela Peacock, and her brand is broken down into a variety of programmes, formulated entirely of natural 'free from' ingredients, so you know what you are putting into your body is healthy for you and not full of fillers or binders. We only ever want to bring you the very best in nutritional supplements, so when GP Nutrition offered one of our team the chance to try out a programme, I naturally jumped at the chance to report back the results! I'll tell you a little bit about me first so you can see how the programme I chose worked for me. I'm naturally quite a tired person, who is a strong believer in pressing the snooze button each morning, at least twice! So, this was something I wanted to resolve. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I get a good night'ssleep but still struggle in the morning. I regularly exercise, eat a varied diet but do have a little love for something sweet and a glass of wine or 2 at the weekend. The programme I chose was the GP Nutrition Restore Me 14 Day Box which claims to stabilise daytime energy levels (which was my primary concern), to promote a peaceful night's sleep, protect against free radical damage caused by demanding schedules and to enhance the immune system with its abundance of powerful antioxidants. With these claims, I was looking forward to finding my long lost daytime energy! banner_25Jan17_3 Key ingredients include B vitamins to raise energy levels and reduce tiredness, iodine to maintain optimal cognitive function, zinc to protect against free radicals and magnesium to support the adrenal glands. Each GP nutrition programme is different and will come with its set of supplements or drinks to take throughout your specified number of days. The Restore Me pack contains one set of capsules (1 herbal blend capsule and one multi-nutrient capsule) to be taken every day and a super food powder to mix in with water.

The Results

My first day on the programme started just like any other Monday morning, I snoozed my alarm several times, ran around the house getting ready for work and rushing out the door without breakfast, looking forward to a cup of tea when I reached my desk at 8 am! I've never really been a morning person, but I was never sure about what my body may have needed to increase my energy levels. I took the two pre-packaged capsules at around 10 am and let them get to work. One of the things I liked about this programme was the convenience. The tablets are packaged in individual sachets so if you're away for a few days; you don't have to take a jar away with you. I left what I needed in my desk at work for Monday-Friday and the rest at home for the weekend. This also goes for the powder sachets; they are packaged individually, so you don't need to mess around with measuring out the right dose! (I even took one in a bottle of water to a music concert, knowing I wouldn't get home until very late and it proved a brilliant choice as I got a little boost of energy from it!). The first evening, I cautiously mixed up my Restore Me Sachets with 200ml of cold water, which turned a lovely berry colour and knocked it back. Pleasantly surprised and very easy to drink! It's made up of a blend of super food ingredients including açai berry, cherry, blueberry, goji berry and raspberry. The next few days went pretty much the same way, I took the capsules around the same time each morning (usually with a late desk breakfast) and the drink in the evening, wondering when I would start to feel the effects. Roll on day 4! I woke up feeling fresher in the morning (mind you, I did snooze my phone alarm once, but I think this was more out of habit than actually needing too!). I noticed my 25-minute drive to work wasn't interrupted with the desire to pull in for an energy drink (I know, they're awful for me) and I spent the morning with a higher level of concentration with less of an urge for sugar. I noticed something changed. There are two capsules to take, one a herbal blend and the second a multi-nutrient capsule. I wasn't taking any other supplements to interfere with the programme, and I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients. The first ingredient in both of the capsules is Magnesium Citrate. This is a mineral which contributes to the reduction of tiredness, fatigue and electrolyte balance. Perfect! I also was pleased to see the next ingredients in the multi-nutrient capsule was some B vitamins including Nicotinamide (vitamin B3 which aids in energy levels), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6 which helps regulate our body clocks) and Thiamine Hydrochloride (vitamin B1 which helps the body turn food into fuel). In the herbal capsule, there are only 4 active ingredients including 5-hydroxtryptophan (otherwise known as 5HTP, which is used for sleep disorders, amongst other uses). No fillers, no binders and no unnecessary additives lurking on the ingredients list! banner_25Jan17_4 I continued with the programme and found the next noticeable benefit was I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night or taking a long time to fall asleep like I so often did beforehand. After seven days on the programme, I began to sleep all the way through the night and apparently I did not move an inch while sleeping! I didn't wake up feeling like I had only had 10 minutes sleep, I felt rested and ready for the day. Going into the programme I wanted to feel refreshed and energised, and within the first week I believe I had already reached this goal, I was looking forward to feeling even better the following week! The final week of the programme developed just as I was hoping. When you're tired throughout the day, this can cause issues with concentration and motivation levels. In week 2, I could feel myself concentrating for longer, being less distracted and more productive throughout the work day. The Restore Me programme claims to help increase endurance and to help you find vitality again. I think these are spot on descriptions to how the combination of vitamins and minerals leave you feeling. It doesn't hit you in one go, like a caffeine rush would, but it slowly releases as the programme progresses, until you wake up one morning and feel completely rested and ready for the day. I finished the programme feeling very satisfied. I completely understand why Gabriela at GP Nutrition wanted to develop this range. It is ideal for people who are on the go, who have a routine in their life and cannot always make sure they are taking all the extra vitamins and minerals their body may need. The added benefit of being able to take the sachet in water as it is so palatable is a winner in my eyes instead of having to disguise the taste in a smoothie. I think 14 days was perfect for me. I'm not particularly good at developing and maintaining good habits. For example, I often run and go to the gym, but I do not stick to a weekly plan, I go when I feel like it. So having to take something twice a day for two weeks was just enough for me, I think any longer, and I may have been setting up reminders for when it slipped my mind! It's left me feeling confident that if I were to choose another programme, it would deliver what it promises! I'm currently eyeing up the GP Nutrition Enhance Me 14 Day Plan, to give my skin and hair a little boost!

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