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Festival season is officially upon us and there is an entire summer of making memories and seeing our favourite artists ahead of us! Whether you’re staying mainstream and heading to the muddy fields of Glastonbury or are jetting off to the shores of Europe and partying in the sun, make sure you are enjoying every moment. To help you on your way, we have compiled a list of things to do and not to do, which you may not necessarily think about! Do look after yourself First and foremost, you are there to have fun! However, do not forget the basics and make sure you look after yourself. You may want to enjoy a tipple or two whilst watching your favourite band, but keeping a bottle of water on you means you can take a sip between visits to the bar, this will not only help if you are spending the day in the sun to stay hydrated but it will also make you feel much better the next day! Bottles of water can often be over priced at festivals, but water taps are free! Make the most of it and take your bright and vibrant bkr Water Bottle 500ml and fill it up over and over again. Protect yourself against the sun. Festivals in the UK are a tricky one, will it rain or will it be 35 degrees? Who knows, but its best to be prepared for anything! The Acorelle SPF30 Sun Balm is totally transparent, non-sticky and perfect for use on your face and body. It’s also zinc and nano-particle free. This will be your new natural best friend when in the sun whether in the UK or abroad and will ensure you aren’t left with the dreaded burnt-on sunglasses look for the rest of the weekend! You may also want to think about getting some rest at night. It’s a little controversial we know for a festival, but a few hours in the night will set you up for a great next day of exploring. Calm your body and reset your mind when tucked up in your tent with the Tazeka Aromatherapy Blend Peaceful Slumber (and quality pair of earplugs!) Do not take yourself too seriously A festival is one of those rare occasions you can relive your teenage years and embrace the use of glitter, bold colours and that particular shade of eye shadow which does not match anything in your wardrobe! Put flowers in your hair, try out different colours or cover yourself in glitter – do not over think it, nobody cares! Mix up your colours with the vibrant Inika Mineral Eyeshadows or create a vast array of beautiful looks on your friends with the Bellapierre Shimmer Eyeshadow Stack with pink, purple and yellow shimmering colours! banner_15Jun16_3 Do think about others around you Have you ever been to a festival and seen those wonderful friendly people walking around with “Free Hugs” signs or t-shirts on? Well, they’re all well and good until you go to hug your new best friend and realise you haven’t showered for 3 days and you’ve just stumbled out of the dance tent smelling a little less fresh then you did when you arrived! Well, do not worry! Ensure you keep everyone around you happy by packing an ultra-effective natural deodorant such as the Madara Herbal Deodorant for a convenient roll on. Also pack yourself some samples from the Natural Deodorant Co to keep on you in the day so you don’t have to trek back to the camp site after working up a sweat at the main stage. Free hug anyone? Do not pack the entire contents of your bathroom shelf or dressing table. If you are a festival first timer, let us inform you of a very important bit of information. No matter how close the camp sites look to the entrance on the map, it’s probably not true and a wheelbarrow is no good in the mud (it’s bound to be raining in the UK!) The last thing you want to be doing is carting around your entire skincare and beauty collection searching for the perfect camping spot. Keep your beauty products to a minimum by packing multi-use products such as the beautiful Ilia Multi Stick which can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes for a sheer blush of colour. There are also brilliant multi-tasking skincare items out there, you will not go wrong with the Trilogy Everything Balm – the clue is in the name! It softens, soothes and conditions your face and body, it can be used on dried out lips and will help with any bumps and scrapes caused by a midnight dash over the concealed tent guidelines in the dark! Pack light, but remember to keep clean! There is no getting around it; the worst things about festivals are the toilets. You just have to get on with it. Unless you are splashing out and glamping VIP style, we recommend if you only remember one thing for your weekend – go with hand sanitizer (and your own loo roll!) There are often tens of thousands of people at a big festival and enough hand soap for about 50 of them. The Intelligent Nutrients Organic Sanitizer effectively kills off 99.9% of germs, without the added chemicals and will leave your hands feeling squeaky clean and at a convenient 60ml it won’t weigh you down but will last all weekend. banner_15Jun16_4 Do spread a little happiness You’re there to have fun, so why not spread a little happiness too! Happiness comes from making friends, creating memories but who said it cannot also come in a bottle? Imagine the conversation if you tell your new camp site friends that you have released your inner child and playful side with a spray of Lotus Wei Joy Juice Mist. Share the feeling of euphoria and silliness – the natural way- by spraying yourself and your friends each day and find that after 2-3 days of partying and camping your moods are still uplifted and you are enjoying life more than ever. Whether you are heading to a festival this summer for a day or a week, remember to be safe, look after each other and have fun! 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