Faace Q&A: Meet the New Faace of Skincare

Faace Q&A: Meet the New Faace of Skincare

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of Faace here at Naturisimo. Why? Well, a few reasons. Namely their refreshing approach to skincare. We’ve all experienced how temperamental and unpredictable our skin can be. So rather than products designed for one particular type of skin, they’re formulated for ‘skin situations’. Like your period erupting a blemish volcano on your face, or those hungover days when your skin looks...well, not exactly fresh.

But the best part is that Faace gives something back. For every hero mask sold (Period, Tired & Sweaty), one pack of period products is donated (via Hey Girls) to those who have no access to them or funds to buy them.

All sounds great, doesn’t it? We sat down with Faace founder, Jasmine Wicks-Stephens to learn more about the brains behind the brand.

Faace Founder Q&A

So Jasmine, what led you to create the Faace brand?

I’ve worked in beauty for 15 years. I work with a great team of beauty experts from journalists to makeup artists, skincare experts to aromatherapists and my husband is a very talented designer. One day, we decided to combine this resource to create a new beauty brand that would speak to the way I was living my life, and the people around me were living theirs.

At this time, there was a real trend for multi-step regimes, with consumers opting to layer products, becoming their own skin chemists. But the advice I’ve always heard from skin experts is that less is more, and that overkill on product can lead to breakouts, and that’s what I’d always found myself.

I had just had my son and all my good beauty habits went out the window. And as an all-female office we were period obsessed too but couldn’t find anything that directly spoke to that concern. It was feeling tired and hormonal that in essence led us to come up with ‘Tired’ and ‘Period’ faace and then ‘Sweaty’ followed. So, our purpose was born, to give people super chic, sustainably conscious, effective, easy-to-use solutions for ‘skin disrupted by life’.

So who would you say the range is for?

We cater for period skin to menopausal skin, tired, sweaty, dirty to dull faces. So, anyone that’s feeling those things in their skin.

Faace Founder Q&A

What would you say sets Faace apart from other skincare brands on the market?

We’re giving consumers a new way to shop for their skin. We’ve found a white space in how consumers actually talk about their skin in real life and aimed to give them an easy-to-navigate solution. We understand that whilst you might know what’s best for your skin, you might not always have enough time to engage in a lengthy routine, and so faace provides you with something easy you can use that will still deliver results.

Plus, we’re tackling taboo topics like period and menopause, opening up conversations and giving people a chic looking product to help skin at those times. Having a product branded as ‘period’ or ‘menopause’ feels empowering.

Can you tell us more about the ingredients used in Faace products? Are natural ingredients important?

All our formulas are vegan made using organic and wild harvested, ethically sourced natural ingredients. We’ve used a combination of well-tested and trusted active ingredients to help skin deal with the different things that happen in each of those life moments i.e. period faace will help with dry patches, whilst combating oil and blemishes.

Faace Founder Q&A

Are natural ingredients important? I think this is a difficult question to answer, as really it’s all down to personal choice. What I think is important is transparency. That people are fed accurate information about what ‘natural’ means per brand and per product and aren’t given information that misleads their choices. The most important thing is finding a brand that aligns with your ethos and works for your skin.

Tell us more about the Faace x Hey Girl charity partnership. What inspired this?

I absolutely love working with Hey Girls! When we launched Faace we wanted to use this as an opportunity to do some good. ‘Period’ was our first-born idea and so finding an organisation that could help combat period poverty felt like a very natural fit. Plus, it’s something to easily feel extremely passionate about. The fact that period poverty exists worldwide, and not just in the sense of not being able to afford to care for yourself during your period, but also with regards to the stigma attached to having periods is crazy, but also a very real issue.

We donate a pack of period products to someone in need via Hey Girls for every period, tired or sweaty mask bought, including those you buy via Naturisimo. We also donate to The Menopause Charity too for every menopause faace sold.

What is your go-to product from the range?

The one product I use every day is Dirty faace as I love a wash off cleanser and this one ticks all the boxes. It removes all makeup, but also doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. It helps keep my spots at bay too, which have always been problematic for me. Then I mix and match between period, tired and sweaty, depending on what’s going on. Sweaty each night, unless I’m on my period. Tired first thing in the morning, pre-shower.

Any skincare routine non-negotiables you can share with us?

Face wipes are an absolute no, I’m still surprised at the amount of people that use these. Using too many products at any one time – big no no. Firstly, you don’t know what’s working for you and also what isn’t. Plus, you’re overloading your skin which can cause breakouts.

So there you have it, the inside scoop on your soon-to-be new favourite brand.

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