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This week Evolve are telling us all about the importance of Cedarwood oil and why they use it in their range. The use of Cedarwood oil, or Cedar oil, dates back centuries, all the way to Ancient Egypt. It is an essential oil derived from many types of conifers, normally found at high altitude, from the pine or cypress family. It is extracted through steam distillation from the wood pieces or the foliages and roots of the cedar wood tree. The oil has a warm and woody scent and offers many health benefits from improving skin imperfections to being antiseptic, keeping insects at bay and helping promote a sense of grounding and calm.

Skin imperfections

Cedarwood oil has purifying and cleansing properties, it can help regulate sebum production and reduce skin redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. It can be applied directly to blemishes to help them heal quicker.

Natural antiseptic

Applied to wounds, Cedarwood oil helps them from becoming septic & preventing infection by getting rid of germs and protect against bacteria. Cedarwood oil is naturally a great insect repellent too!


Cedarwood oil is known for its grounding and calming properties so is a great oil to diffuse either around the home for emotional balance and creating a relaxing environment; or around your workspace to help promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem, helping calm down anxiety and stress.

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