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Everyday Aromatherapy with Therapie Roques ONeil

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When we wanted to find out how we could incorporate aromatherapy into our everyday lives, it was only natural that we sat down with Michelle Roques ONeil, founder of Therapie, to find out more. Modern life’s hectic, demanding schedules can create stress. The fallout from our extended lifestyles is why Therapie Roques ONeil was conceived. I was inspired by my aromatherapy practice where on a daily basis I was dealing with clients who had fallen foul of the fast pace of modern life, problems with sleep, anxiety and depression, all symptoms of long-term stress. The problem with adrenal overload is that it's rather like a dictator - it will commandeer whatever it needs to protect. A positive instinct normally… but in the wrong context, it plays havoc with our internal balance and we get stuck in a fight or flight response, which is ok when danger looms, but not for a meeting or traffic jam! Aromatherapy helps to get to the root of a problem, but even more importantly can help to maintain equilibrium and engage individuals with their own wellness. We tested the early formulas with many therapists from many disciplines, all were amazed at how the aromas extended the effect of their treatments. Essential oils are the magical raw materials of aromatherapy. For me, each molecule offers a potent alchemy that heals on many levels both physical and psychological. Alongside this we have woven minerals, resins extracts and crystals to offer a powerful treatment in a bottle, each dealing with a spectrum of need states. My passion for essential oils has lasted over 30 years and never have I felt that Aromatherapy is more relevant, both for its physical efficacy and directness, as well as its ability to subtly cajole nature - a unique combination of robust fortification and gentle unravelling. We’ve always sourced oils for purity and vibrational integrity, this doesn't always mean organic. We use a vast array of materials and not all oils can be produced organically yet, although we try to use organic whenever possible. Many oils are grown or distilled in the UK, the environmental factors can influence the aroma profile as well as the energetic and chemical composition of the essential oil. One of our bestsellers, the Himalayan Detox Salts, deal with high anxiety and insomnia caused by stress. Feedback has been amazing… with many insomniacs lulled into deep restorative sleep. Salt is an amazing energy cleanser, but Himalayan salts also have 86 active minerals. Add a detoxifying blend of essential oils of Geranium for emotional balance, Juniper to cleanse and purify, Patchouli to soothe and Lemongrass to release physical and emotional restriction, a dusting of powdered Amethyst to clear away negative energy, and you have a very potent combination. We can hardly keep up with the demand! If you’re suffering from overextension and feeling oversaturated it’s a must-have product. A repeated unifying trinity you’ll find in many Therapie blends is Lavender, Sandalwood and Frankincense. They act like an emotional anchor and sit at the heart of many of our blends. They work very harmoniously together helping to balance adrenal overload and emotional instability. Another unique oil is Fragonia, recently discovered, it helps your spirit to rise above emotional hurts and gives wonderful immune support. It has a very rare balance of chemicals which evoke a sense of inner peace and harmony. We use it in Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence, Protect and Inner Light Calm Balm and Crystal Clear. Cherish Skin Repair Serum, christened ‘natural prozac’ by the press, pairs 25 opulent and deeply replenishing botanicals and stress-eliminating oils for inner and outer glow; and our cult elixir contains essential oils of Tangerine to reduce emotional and physical inflammation bringing hope and a positive outlook. Rose Geranium is a favourite, it is one of the kindest most optimistic oils helping to heal both emotional and physical scars. Fortification comes from the array of botanical carriers and extracts such as Argan, Baobab, Rosehip seed and Red raspberry seed. All are skin rejuvenating and protecting, while Prickly Pear a super skin quencher and sea-buckthorn are great for skin elasticity. Essential alchemy is at the core of Therapie, we use the life-force inherent in essential oils to fortify and liberate in equal measure. To this, we add sympathetic vital ingredients each contributing to the whole. With such tools, one has the ability to transform the most stuck mindsets whilst deeply nourishing vital energy. Daily use of these essential elixirs can help keep you balanced, fortified and fierce.

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