Brand of the Month BYBI Beauty

Brand of the month BYBI Beauty

To kickstart 2021, we are celebrating this year’s first Brand of the Month. We’ve always been huge fans of BYBI here at Naturisimo, and seeing as it’s currently Veganuary, it was a no-brainer to have one of our favourite pioneering vegan brands take centre stage.

For a relatively young brand, they have already left a huge mark on the beauty industry. With smart, simple and effective formulas, they are revolutionising the way we approach skincare, while paving the way towards a more sustainable future for the industry as a whole.

We caught up with the brand to get the inside scoop...

- What are your tips for creating a great skincare regime?

Understand that what your skin needs changes all the time and appreciate that you won’t always fit neatly into a skin “type” box! At BYBI we categorise our products by skin benefits as we understand that your skin changes frequently depending on many things including the climate, hormones or environmental stressors. Take time to assess how your skin is feeling at the start and end of each day and use products to cater to that. Our Booster range is the perfect way to customise your existing products so that they work for what your skin needs at the time.

- What was it that inspired your careers in clean beauty?

We were inspired by the growing wellness movement that was happening at the time, which celebrated new ways of understanding food and transparency around ingredients. This naturally inspired us to look at our beauty routines. When we began to dig into our beauty products and understand what was really in them, we discovered that often they were made up with lots of water and very little of everything else! We knew we could do better so began experimenting in formulating in our kitchens, 5 years on and we’re now trained skincare formulators, authors, podcasters and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating great clean beauty products!

- What beauty trend can you not get enough of right now?

The 60 second cleanse! Allowing 60 seconds to cleanse your face may seem like a very long time but it essentially gives the ingredients in your cleanser a chance to do their job, as well as allowing you to perform a bit of facial massage to stimulate blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage. It’s great to do with our Crystal Clear cleanser; the salicylic acid gets a chance to cleanse deep into pores, truly decongesting and clarifying the skin.

- Do you have any favourite products from the range?

That’s like picking a favourite child! We both adore Mega Mist for its plumping, glow-enhancing properties. Elsie loves our newest cleanser Milk Melt, it’s like a gentle cuddle for the skin! Dominika is a big fan of both the Bakuchiol Booster as it’s a retinol alternative safe for breastfeeding.

- What would you say is your biggest motivation?

We’re motivated by the want to do better in beauty; to create better products in a better way that has less impact on the planet. We’re also really lucky to be a founder duo as we get so much motivation from each other! It’s not easy running a startup but we inspire each other to stay focused and motivated no matter what gets thrown at us.

- Tell us more about BYBI Beauty sustainability efforts?

BYBI’s sustainability mission is centred around lowering our overall carbon footprint, as carbon is the number one contributor to global warming and we truly believe reducing this is the only way to have a meaningful impact on the environment as a beauty brand. You’ll see our mission echoed across our entire supply chain; from using carbon-neutral bioplastics derived from sugarcane to upcycled ingredients like strawberry and blueberry seed oil, as well as working with manufacturers who use green energy. We are now carbon neutral and it’s our goal to be carbon negative.

- Where do you see the brand in 5 years time?

Leading the way in sustainable skincare, creating great products that people love in an environmentally responsible way and inspiring others to do the same!

- What's next for BYBI?

We have some VERY exciting new products launching in the coming months and we’ll continue to build out our product range with innovative natural ingredients that impact your skin and not your planet! So watch this space!

We’re so excited to be celebrating BYBI this month and are looking forward to seeing what exciting new things 2021 has in store for the brand.

Explore BYBI bestsellers below and see what all the fuss is about for yourself...

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