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Meet The Maker: Arctic Power Berries

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Coming all the way from the Land of The Midnight Sun, Finland, this week we welcome Arctic Power Berries to Naturisimo. Their 100% pure, no-nonsense berry powders which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre which simply taste great! We chat with life-long best friends and founders Anna and Eveliina about how they ended up sharing their love for their home-grown berries and we share some of their delicious, healthy recipes for you to enjoy. Tell us your story, what inspired you to share your favourite berries with your customers? Well in short, we’ve lived across the globe for nearly 6 years before settling in vibrant London to study. The farmed berries from the local supermarkets in London didn't taste the same as the ones we were used to eating back home in Finland. The watery fresh berries go off really quickly and frozen berries are often either too expensive or not always available. That is why in the beginning it felt natural to always throw half a year's supply of Finnish berry powders into our suitcases on each trip back home. After making the berries travel with us for over three years, we started questioning why we couldn't share them with other people too. We were sure that at least some people would love them as much as we did.
portrait_04Sep16_1 Best friends & berry-lovers Eve and Anna
Can anyone eat your berry powders? Is there anything added? The berry powders are 100% pure, with absolutely nothing added. We use them ourselves every single day and would not want to eat something that had added flavours, sweeteners or colouring. Some people think the powders are too sour for their taste, but we can’t satisfy everyone’s taste buds, we still think it is more important not to add any sweeteners. We wanted to keep the berries as raw and original as they are meant to be with all the added health benefits. The powders are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, as well as people who are allergic to dairy, nuts and eggs. They are 100% pure and are made in a factory that handles only berries. If you are allergic to any berry, then contact your GP before using the powders. What benefits do your Arctic Power Berries have over fresh berries? Arctic Power Berries are 100% pure berries, simply dried and ground. They are wild grown (making them natural and organic) and can have up to three times the antioxidant levels compared to cultivated berries. They also mature under the Arctic Midnight sun, taking in all the goodness from the clean soil, fresh air and a lot of sun light. The benefits and also the taste are much greater compared to industrially grown berries (which often also are imported from the other side of the world so are less ethical as well). Fresh berries also go off really quick, our berry powders last up to a year so they are the most convenient way to make sure you include the benefits of berries into your everyday diet. For example having a tube of the berry powder sitting on your office table is an easy way to make sure your porridge, yogurt, breakfast or afternoon pick-up also has essential nutrients in it. Do they contribute to 1 of our recommended 5 fruits a day? One teaspoon is about 40 grams of fresh berries, so two heaped teaspoons of the berry powder is equal to a big handful of fresh berries (80g) and therefore counts towards 1 of your 5 a day. Super convenient, healthy and tasty! Do the berries lose any nutritional benefits when they are dried? The powders are fully raw so they are air dried. That means that they are dried below 42 degrees over a long period of time to maintain all their nutrients and antioxidants. They are as good as having fresh berries, if not better, since they don’t have any added pesticides or preservatives. We also recommend adding the powders into a porridge after cooking the oats, that way you get the most benefits out of the berries. What is your favourite way to add the berries to your diet? As said earlier, we enjoy the powders every single day. Most of the time Anna has a Greek yoghurt in the morning with a sprinkle of sea buckthorn powder, lingonberry and splash of honey. In the winter Eve has porridge with Blueberry Powder stirred in, turning it purple, along with two other powders sprinkled on top! We also have a sweet tooth so making berrylicious ice creams with the berry powders happens often in our kitchen. The bliss or energy balls with nutrient packed berry powders are also a must try! Keen to see how Arctic Power Berries can be added to your diet? We've got our hands on a one of their delicious looking recipes!

Berry Porridge

portrait_06Sep16_3Ingredients: 1/2 cup rolled oats 3 tsp of your favorite Arctic Berries Powders 3-5 fresh dates (soak overnight if not using fresh) 1 cup almond milk A pinch of salt Toppings of choice such as banana coins, nut butters, berries Method: 1- Bring the almond milk, oats and salt to to the boil in a small pan, lower the heat and simmer. 2- Pit & peel the dates and mash them into a purée, add a tsp of water to get a smooth consistency. 3- Add the purée to the pot & stir well, continue to cook the oats to desired consistency. 4- Stir in the berry powder and pour into a bowl - top with your choice of fruit and nuts and enjoy! Feeling inspired? Shop here for: Arctic Power Berries


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