Modern Infusions For Every Mood

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This week Løv Organic are here to talk about their classic, comforting gourmet infusions, a variety of blends perfect for every mood and occasion.

Lovely Scandinavia

Løv, Løv, Løv… An intriguing word, and yet so familiar! The "ø" might have tipped you off... Løv Organic has a soft spot for the Nordic lifestyle. In Scandinavia, Løv means "leaf". You can already imagine lakes and majestic pine forests as far as the eye can see. Shall we go? We are a French brand, but we take inspiration from the Scandinavian region, where modern life meets the natural world. The region has a very strong identity that relates to its art of living, commonly known as hygge! Scandinavia is also synonymous with design. Design that is both modern and minimalist, and that always has an eye for nature. At Løv Organic we've adopted the same approach. Our brightly coloured metal boxes feature a stylised bird. The bird sings a new melody, symbolising the protection and respect of nature.

Lovely nature

Scandinavia is about respecting nature. That is why Løv Organic offers a selection of entirely organic teas and herbal teas, and all the packaging is Eco-friendly. We pay special attention to minimising the packaging and reusing our cardboard boxes. Moreover, we encourage tea lovers to bring those pretty boxes back to the boutique once they are empty to have them filled again... The beginning of a beautiful Løv story!

All you need is Løv…

In addition to expressing our passion for the cold climate and the northern lights, Løv Organic is determined to update the traditional image of teas and herbal teas with original gourmet flavours. Our brand is young, but we are precursors in our modern approach to herbal tea. We have re-invented the age-old infusion, bringing it new energy: Løv is Good, Løvely Night, Løv is Zen… There is a herbal tea for every mood and every moment of the day, so don't relegate the mug to the evening. Whether hot or iced, our blends are perfect for any time of day! Løv Organic offers a selection of fifty products, blends based on green tea, white tea, and plants ordinarily used by herbalists. From the classical blend – ideal for purists – to the most original creations such as citronella with blackcurrant, pineapple and mint, Løv truly has something for everyone. These are not just beverages with unexpected tastes: Løv Organic blends always offer a pure moment of pleasure and discovery. Give in to temptation. You'll be surprised!

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