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It can be difficult to find true transparency nowadays in the personal care industry, the team at Earth Tu Face give us their testament on clean beauty, made of only safe, high vibrational ingredients, with zero chemicals added. The range has a specific "soil to skin" approach which is reflected in the powerful aroma of lavender and roses as soon as you open the products. You'll be sure to love the luxurious formula's as well as the amazing immediate and long-term effects you'll see on your complexion. The Earth Tu Face ethos focuses on choosing plants that have special healing and restoring properties, which are illustrated in our use of organic lavender buds in our products.


Lavender flowers have long been used as a potent healing medicine for our skin and bodies, as well as promoting well being to boost mood and relaxation. Besides the wonderful smell, sweet purple buds, and beautiful summer bee plant food, here are our top 7 benefits of the purple wonder:
  1. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for sores, acne and other skin conditions. Breaking the cycle of bacteria that causes skin inflammation is one of its best uses
  2. Excellent at fading and preventing scarring
  3. Fast healing properties for burns, blemishes, cuts and general skin irritations
  4. Ultra-nourishing for all skin types from hydrated to dry
  5. Calming and soothing properties to help with skin conditions such as eczema
  6. Safe for all ages which means you can use it on babies and even the most mature skin
  7. Soothing aroma which calms and reduces stress and can help alleviate headaches, nervous tension, migraines, and insomnia

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